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7 of the most Exciting Diving Spots to Discover in the Mediterranean

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diving spots in the mediterranean

The Mediterranean remains one of the top destinations for divers. The vast stretch of warm, clear water covers plenty of welcoming, appealing countries. This means a vast choice of destinations with dive sites for all experience levels. Newcomers can head to clear reefs and marvel at the biodiversity of the area. Experienced divers can brave caves, wrecks and other underwater wonders. Here are 7 of the most exciting diving spots in the Mediterranean.

7. France: Riou Archipelago

The French Rivera is a great place to begin when considering a sunny, peaceful trip to the Mediterranean. Many will turn to the island of Corsica for a diving holiday. However, visitors shouldn’t rule out the Riou Archipelago in Marseille. Here there is a surprising biodiversity in marine life beyond a dramatic 45 meter drop-off.

6. Mallorca: Cala Monjo

Diving off the coast of Spain is a treat, but there are also plenty of great opportunities further out around the Spanish islands. Mallorca is surrounded by warm water and natural beauties. One area of special interest to many divers is Cala Monjo. These seagrass meadows offer clear views of magical seahorses in the summer months. There are few sites better suited to spotting these captivating animals.

5. Italy: Portofino

Italy is another obvious choice for a Mediterranean holiday, but diving isn’t always the number one consideration. The countries long, dramatic Med coastline provides plenty of opportunities to discover wildlife. The Portofino national park is the most diverse, and just a short drive from Genova. Swim with the marine life during the day and relax with Italian cuisine in the evening.

4. Malta

Malta may only be a small island, but its location makes it perfect for spotting a diverse list of animals as they pass through. Eels, octopus and turtles are often seen here. This is also a brilliant spot for any divers that are also World War II enthusiasts. Visitors can explore the wreck of a German patrol boat and a British Blenheim Bomber for a great history lesson.

3. Croatia: Premuda

Croatia has become quite the tourist hotspot in recent years. This means that that dive sites are slowly gaining more of a reputation. It is therefore advisable to go now before it gets crowded. There are great beginner sites across the coast. However, experienced divers need to head down into the Katedrala (Cathedral) caves of Premuda. This is a stunning display of light and water like nowhere else.

2. Greece: Chios

Moving round to another island, Chios is a great place for new divers to test out their skills and explore new territories. The site is full of interesting underwater geology, from large vertical walls and caves to bright reefs. The warmth and visibility of the water in summer months just increases the potential for a great dive.

1. Turkey: Kas

The final choice in this list of the 7 of the most exciting diving spots in the Mediterranean is one that many might not think of. Turkey is lower on the list of Mediterranean hotspots, which means that sites like Kas are relatively clean and quiet. Divers can explore caves and wrecks for plenty of new diving adventures.

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