To start your journey aboard a luxury yacht, several options are available, including commercial flight, private jet and sometimes helicopter.

What are the advantages of flying private? For certain destinations, it seems that traveling in a private jet is more than a must. Find out the reasons why you should opt for this flying option.

1. Optimize your time

Access to certain isolated destinations by commercial flights may be restrictive. For example, in some isolated destinations, including some islands in the Cyclades, the Caribbean, or the Pacific, are connected to the region’s international airports, but connecting flights are infrequent.

Your time is precious! The private jet option gives you complete freedom of planning, allowing you the best possible coordination between your plane and your yacht. It offers you total aircraft availability, day and night and every day of the week and year! You will thus be able to enjoy your yacht in the shortest possible time, avoiding non-essential stopovers, flight delays, technical problems, disruptions in case of strikes… Private aviation could lead to a time saving of 150% due in particular to the absence of stopovers between airports.

2. Plan your itinerary and access to small airports closer to your final destination

The luxury jet allows access to roads and airports not accessible by commercial flights. For example, GlobalAir offers access to 984 airports in Europe alone, including airports dedicated to private jets and international airports. 

One of the greatest advantages of private flights is the possibility of landing at a smaller, more exclusive and less chaotic airport than a commercial airport. However, landing at a smaller airport takes less time, especially since it avoids the heavy congestion of large airports. The combination of private jet and yacht charter allows you to fly directly to the airport closest to the marina where your yacht is docked, without any delays or problems.

Both private jet and helicopter flights are fully customizable, so you can plan a special itinerary to enjoy the view and take a few pictures.

3.Start your stay in comfort and luxury

From the outset, the private jet flight makes your stay unique and allows you to revel in extra luxury thanks to comfortable and chic interiors. 

The luxury jets are now equipped with incredible amenities, including a spacious lounge with personalized decor, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, bedroom(s), meeting room, and state-of-the-art technological equipment.

Also, the private jets offer a refined and high-end service.

Flying in private guarantees you total discretion, confidentiality, privacy, luxury, and comfort.

4. Avoid the stress of the procedures and crowds of commercial airports.

Passengers prefer the private jet because it offers great flexibility in terms of schedules and boarding procedures. It allows record boarding times. No boarding passes will be requested or controlled. Also, you will avoid security checks and waiting. The customs and immigration passage will be more intimate and usually takes place directly in the jet or in a private office. 

The simplification of these procedures offers the possibility to avoid queues and save time.

5. Simplify the preparation of your stay

Opting for a private flight greatly simplifies the organization of your trip. You will only have to make one reservation to plan your trip to your yacht charter. 

All transfers are included in your private jet flight. As soon as your plane touches the tarmac of a small airport, a vehicle (limousine, cab, helicopter) can be ready to escort you to your destination. 

No need to check in, check your luggage or print boarding passes. 

Imagine the time saving, all the more considerable if you are a large or small group.

However, if you don’t know which private jet company to contact to get to your yacht, we can advise you.

6. To be free concerning your luggage and pets

Another advantage of the private jet is that it avoids a lot of hassles concerning luggage and pets. Although make sure to let your broker know the weight of each luggage as certain planes are limited in the total weight they can carry.

If you wish to take your pet with you, flying in a private jet also makes the procedures easier.

7. Opt for more security in the context of Covid19

Finally, chartering a private jet is reassuring during the health crisis. 

First of all, unlike commercial flights, your private flight will not be cancelled due to a new last minute directive.

For health issues too, the private jet guarantees more security. Indeed, it will avoid you having to frequently crowded airports and, you will be isolated from the crowd in terminals.

Wish to know more ?

There are so many choices and differences, ask us some advice to save time, cost and to ensure you chose the option that best suits your needs.