We are very happy for the coming tremendous Antigua Charter Yacht Show taking place at Nelson’s dockyard.

WI yachts team will not miss this yacht show exclusively open to Brokers, Marine Vendors, Captains & Press. This is a great opportunity to inspect the motor and sailing yachts, review the latest trends and (re) meet the captains and crews.

One single goal: Be at the forefront of information to better advise our clients.
This show is one of the most enthusiastic and welcoming of all and takes place in the beautiful sun kissed Antigua.

Like every year, the Antigua Charter Yacht Show will be held at the Nelson’s Dockyard UNESCO World Heritage Site and the home port of many luxury yachts. As usual, at the end of the Show, the brokers are provided the chance to go aboard one of the yachts for the very popular Sail Day. This is an excellent opportunity for us to live through the charter experience, just like our clients do and evaluate the quality of service.

We are all looking forward to share the news, update and innovation for the 2023 season. Learn more.