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The Best Gay-Friendly Travel Destinations in the Mediterranean

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Attitudes to gay tourism have improved in recent years. More destinations are open to gay custom with bars, beaches and other facilities labeled as gay-friendly. Hotels are also more open to couples sharing rooms. But, there are still some regions and resorts that are less friendly than others. The following list looks at some of the best options for a summer holiday in the Mediterranean. Let’s discover them!

Nice, France:

Some believe that Nice now ranks as the second most gay-friendly destination in France. It will never beat Paris in terms of opportunities and nightlife, but Paris doesn’t have the great beaches of the French Riviera. St. Laurent d’Eze is especially popular as it is both gay and nude. There has also been a rise in LGBT venues and an annual pride parade in Nice, to add to the appeal.

Mallorca, Spain:

Mallorca is one of many Spanish islands to offer great nightlife and tourist experiences for the LGBT community. Travelers can explore resorts, bars and beaches across the island with a good sense of freedom. The attitudes here are pretty tolerant. But, many recommend Platja d’es Trenc as it has separate gay and nudist areas.

Mykonos, Greece:

Mykonos is seen by many as the glamorous LGBT destination in Greece. Gay couples have flocked here for decades to enjoy the scenery, beaches, and nightlife. There is even a gay boutique hotel called The Elysium. Gay beaches are plentiful.

Taormina, Sicily, Italy:

Italy is still growing in its attitudes to gay travelers. Taromina is welcoming but doesn’t have a strong gay scene. This more low-key approach means that there are no beaches here specifically designated as must-visit gay beaches. Still, many gay tourists enjoy the scenery of Isola Beach.

Ibiza, Spain:

Another must visit Spanish island for gay tourists is Ibiza. The nightlife here is world famous and caters for all tastes. The relaxed atmosphere of this island means that all beaches are gay-friendly. Yet, many like to head over to Platja d’es Cavallet to really relax and enjoy the sun.

Sitges, Barcelona, Spain:

Sitges is the ideal place to stay when visiting Barcelona. The city itself is pretty gay-friendly and the perfect cultural destination for tourists. Yet, this beach resort is a great place to end a day of sightseeing or a night in Eixample. Sitges is just 30 minutes out of town and home to the gay beach Barcelonetta.

Lesvos, Greece:

Lesvos (or Lesbos) is a little different. While many gay men are inclined to head over to the more hedonistic lifestyle of Mykonos, many gay women seem to prefer Lesvos. The resort is open to the whole LGBT community, but many recommend trying Skala Eressos for a relaxing day on the beach.

Pantelleria, Italy:

Finally, we have Pantelleria. This region gained its first actively gay friendly resort in 2016 in Tentua Borgia. As mentioned above, Sicily still has some work to do in its approaches to gay custom. But, this south-west resort is welcoming with some great beach locations.

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