The Best Places To Travel In March

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Spring is the perfect time to book a vacation to an island paradise or Mediterranean destination. We may assume that these regions come alive during the summer. However, summer can be too hot, too overcrowded and not as much fun. Spring sees calmer, cooler weather that is more tolerable. It brings great events and opportunities as companies start the new tourist season. It can also mean lower prices from hotels, tour operators and more. That is why it is such a great idea to travel in March. Here are some of the best destinations for a sunshine holiday in March.

Canary Islands, Spain.

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There are some great Spring festivals in the Canary Islands in March. This includes the Carnaval de Maspalomas on Gran Canaria and Romeria de Barranco Hondo on Tenerife. March is a great time to head on over to the Canary Islands if you want to enjoy the sun, but not swelter in the heat. There is an average temperature of 18 to 23 degrees centigrade, depending on your island of choice. The cooler evenings are still perfect for a seafront walk. Alternatively, you can enjoy the sunset from the mountains or from a yacht on the calm Mediterranean water.

Malta, Mediterranean.

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Malta enjoys some similar temperatures in March as the Canary Islands, so is another destination for those that want some sun but not necessary to lie out on the beach all day. Beware that strong winds can blow in at this time of year. The emergence of spring means that you will want to spend more time exploring the countryside and scenic views of the island anyway. March is also when many tour operators head back out after their winter break. Just be aware that the spring hunting season starts on March 25th, so wildlife lovers will want to book before then.

Maldives, Indian Ocean.

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January to Mid April has long been considered the best time to visit the Maldives because you can get the very best of the weather. The weather is warm, but not as hot as it can be later in the year. This is far more comfortable for those that want to explore inland. The lower risk of rain and storms is also ideal for those that want to snorkel, swim and enjoy a more relaxed approach. It is, therefore, the ideal time to explore the Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve. This area is home to all kinds of fish, turtles, coral and other stunning marine life.

Bahamas, Caribbean.

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The Bahamas enjoy a similar phenomenon with the weather where the calmest, most predictable spells tend to occur in spring. You can head over to this tropical paradise and be more sure of waking up to the same beautiful, serene scenes every day. This means that you can enjoy every day at a beachfront resort to its full potential. It also increases the chances of island hopping and calm sailing between all those beautiful cays and reefs. Just be aware that Spring Break season may also see younger traveller hit the more popular resorts in large numbers.

There are many other attractions to discover in the Bahamas that will have you talking about your vacation for years to come. Here is an article that will make you want to visit this island paradise as soon as possible:

Greece, Mediterranean.

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Finally, why not head over to Greece if you are in need of a little spring vacation. This is a great midway point between the winter and summer months where the weather begins to improve, the resorts start to open back up but nowhere is too crowded or expensive. The weather can be changeable, so it may be best to base yourself in a city and take day trips to the coast. Enjoy the culture and look for a side of Greece that you may not see on a typical summer holiday. Also, why not enjoy Independence Day there.

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