There are plenty of sailing destinations in the Mediterranean that could be considered as “the best”.

Most of sailing destinations in the Mediterranean are famous for their scenic coastlines, their sparkling azure waters and their pleasant climate. If that’s what you are looking for, then you can’t really go wrong.

Each of these sailing destination features a unique and genuine experience. Each has its distinctive culture and history, archaeology, and mythology that might suit you or not.

Here is our selection of the best sailing destinations in the Mediterranean, that you should explore at least once if you are sailing its waters.

1. Barcelona: a Mediterranean sailing destination with a city flavour

best sailing destinations in the Mediterranean  Barcelona

The Spanish coastal city of Barcelona is an ideal yacht charter destination for those looking for an authentic Spanish experience.

The vibrant capital of Catalonia is known for Art Deco architecture, shopping spree, and gourmet treats.

It is easy to sail the area around Barcelone, or to go to the Balearics, then indulge in-land on what a city of this size has to offer. If you want to discover the European culture from one of his most emblematic cities while sailing the best of the Mediterranean destinations, then Barcelona might be for you.

A sailing destination in the heart of a city, for the ones who don’t like compromises.

2. Portofino: a traditional Mediterranean harbour you won’t want to leave

Nestled in the Italian Riviera, Portofino is best known for its colorfully painted buildings and its dolce vita.

best sailing destinations in the Mediterranean Portofino

The lovely harbor of this small fishing village attracts a significant number of high-end travelers and their superyachts throughout the year, and it’s easy to see why.

Its harbour is unique and charming, and the piazzetta is a natural meeting point for jet setters from around the world.

Portofino is also famous for its fine wining and dining, making it an emblematic stopover to discover the Meditterranean cuisine with a view you are not ready to forget.

3. Ibiza: the party destination when sailing the Mediterranean

Ibiza is one of the most popular tourist destinations for its vibrant nightlife and sun-kissed sandy beaches.

Ibiza Yacht charter best sailing destinations in the Mediterranean

There is always a good reason to visit this island, especially if you’re considering chartering a private yacht with your friends in the Balearics.

If Ibiza is mostly famous for its nightlife, it can also be quiet in some areas of the island. If you are not a party freak or want to enjoy some resting time in between your wild nights, don’t worry, it’s entirely possible, especially on a yacht.

4. Cannes: an iconic sailing destination on the French Riviera

Pamper yourself during a week on a luxury superyacht and explore the fabulous city of Cannes.

best sailing destinations in the Mediterranean Cannes

It is one of the most iconic cities of the French Riviera, which features glittering shores and glamorous private beaches.

Cannes is also home to some of the finest Belle Epoque hotels and elegant restaurants where you will be treated like royalty.

You can experience the Cannes Film Festival in the comfort of your yacht every May. A unique destination on the French Riviera, where luxury and history meet, for the best.

5. Santorini: sail around volcanoes in the Mediterranean

Santorini is the picture-perfect Greek island in the Cyclades that you see all over the internet and beyond.

It is famous for its magnificent traditional architecture. Think of whitewashed little houses with splashes of bright blue on a hillside above an azure bay.

When you are sailing around Santorini, you can visit the volcanic islands around and see this breathtaking city from the confort of your yacht.

best sailing destinations in the Mediterranean Santorini

We recommend a visit to the stunningly beautiful church Panagia Platsani in the small town of Oia.

Santorini is a favourite among people who sail in Greece, and we strongly advice you to visit it on a yacht if you have the opportunity to do so.

6. Montenegro: a well kept secret destination among Mediterranean sailors

Set on the Adriatic Sea and bordered by Croatia to the west, Montenegro boasts an incredible array of boat-accessible coves, picturesque coastal landscapes, and stunning mountains.

best sailing destinations in the Mediterranean Montenegro

The region features charming harbors and luxury marina, ancient walled cities, and numerous upscale hotels and resorts.

Montenegro isn’t your typical sailing destination. Since it’s only been added to the Mediterranean yachties map recently, you can still enjoy its untouched coasts quietly. A must-visit if you like your yachting holidays surrounded by nature.

Chartered yacht we recommend for Montenegro: FERRETTI 880 by Ferretti

7. Mykonos: the party island when sailing in Greece

Nicknamed “The island of the winds”, Mykonos is one of the loveliest islands of the Cyclades.

Mykonos Mediterranean Sailing destination

It is particularly famous for the party scene, the high-energy beaches, and the delightful Cycladic architecture.

You should also try the island’s food specialty: Kopanisti Mykonos, salty, spicy cheese that is so often called the “Greek Roquefort”.

If you are sailing in Greece and are looking for a place to party, there aren’t many islands that would allow you to do so the way Mykonos does.

A solid reputation well deserved.

8. Monaco: the superyachts meeting point of the Mediterranean

Monaco may be the world’s second-smallest nation. But above all, it is home to some of the largest super yachts in the world.

Best sailing destinantion Mediterranean monaco

This place is the playground for the rich and famous, the celebrities and the politicians, who can indulge in the luxury resorts and gambling facilities. The whole city-state boasts the best of luxury, while facing the Mediterranean best natural spots of the French Riviera.

The annual Formula One motor race, the Monaco Grand Prix, is an event to experience at least once in your lifetime.

There aren’t many places like Monaco in the world, and if you are a yacht enthusiast, it has to be on your map.

9. Split: a city as a sailing destination

Located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, Split is Croatia’s second-largest city.

best sailing destinations in the Mediterranean split

It is one of the most dazzling locations in the Dalmatian region.

Split ranks among the top destinations for yacht charter not only in the Mediterranean but also around the world. A unique destination in between city and natural hotspots.

The Mediterranean is simply a playground for sailing. If you can’t pick your destination, you always have the option to try an itinerary based on your interests to discover several of its countries, islands and more during your yacht charter.