Itineraries for the British Virgin Islands are very adaptable. There are several ways to have fun in the cruising area. You can sail wherever the wind takes you, then pick up a mooring or drop the hook in a remote anchorage to while away the hours swimming, reading, sunbathing, and taking a stroll on the beach.

You can use the itinerary provided below as a planning tool for your trip to the British Virgin Islands. A rough itinerary of the locations and attractions you want to see is a smart idea. Discovering isolated beaches, the best snorkeling locations, and unbelievably beautiful cays is guaranteed with this British Virgin Islands sailing itinerary highlights.

This itinerary is planned to give you a true sense of the islands. To enjoy the trip to the fullest, we encourage you to keep your itinerary flexible.

Our recommended 8 days yacht charter itinerary in the BVI

Day 1: Norman Islands

The best place to anchor your first night is in the Bight at Norman Island. You will cruise by The Indians and Pelican Island after navigating Sir Francis Drake Channel. There is a safe anchorage straight ahead where you can secure your first overnight mooring.

Day 2: Enjoy Snorkeling in Peter island

It is close enough to leave the sails down at early light, so motor directly over to the Indians. Before snorkeling, you can take your time admiring the amazing rock formations. Admire extravagant corals, a wide variety of marine life, and vibrant sponges that contrast with the rocky ledges and vertical walls that climb to the surface. Proceed to Peter Island’s Great Harbor via sea. The five stunning white sand beaches on Peter Island are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Day 3: Move to the Rhone

After breakfast, set course for the 1867-era The Rhone wreck, located right off Salt Island, for a breathtaking morning dive and snorkel. Then, in the early afternoon, tack up to Cooper Island and take a mooring there for the night. Swim to Cistern Point next for more snorkeling, beach time, or to unwind by the bar.

Day 4: The Baths, Explore the Caverns

To reach The Baths on the southern tip of Virgin Gorda, get an early start and travel up the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Through the maze of enormous rocks, you can spend the entire day exploring the tunnels, caves, and crystal-clear ponds.

Day 5: Head towards the Virgin Gorda North Sound

Visit Virgin Gorda’s North Sound, where you can discover a little something for everyone. As with all National Parks, it is a group of three tiny islets with a fantastic diving location.

Day 6: Travel to Anegada

Anegada is a 2-3 hours trip from the North Sound due North. Visit Anegada Beach Club, Cow Wreck, and Loblolly Bay. You will adore the Roseate Flamingos, uncommon rock iguanas, artificial conch islands, and magnificent plant species along with the stunning white beaches.

Day 7: Explore the Marine Life in Guana Island

Set sail westward and downwind in the direction of Jost Van Dyke as the sun rises. The morning snorkel stop at Monkey Point, Guana Island, would be a wonderful option because it’s crucial to remember that this will be your longest voyage.

Day 8: Embark on the Return Sail Journey

Not to mention, you have a lengthy upwind sail ahead, so depart early. You will travel up the channel and through the West End of Tortola.


The best 10 days yacht charter itinerary in the BVI

Day 1: Cooper Island

In addition to having to rebuild a marina and a resort following the hurricane that ravaged the BVIs in 2017, Cooper Island also had to restore the existing green paradise with the aid of botanists and green architects. Visit the upscale bars and beautiful beaches like Manchineel Bay.

Day 2-3: Enjoy the Majestic Natural Pools of Virgin Gorda

The British Virgin Islands’ island of Virgin Gorda is the furthest east. The Baths, an island marvel, are situated in a protected area at the southern extremity of the island. A few tens of meters from the shore, enormous granite rocks the size of cyclopean walls are arranged to create saltwater pools that are emerald in hue.

Day 4-5: Explore the Corals in Anegada

This island requires at least two days to fully enjoy. It is situated outside the archipelago, about two hours by boat northwest of Tortola and Virgin Gorda. The flat Anegada soil is made up of coral and limestone, in contrast to the other BVI islands that are volcanic.

Day 6: Stroll Around the Scrub Island

Follow the path that leads to Tortola’s north on your way back from Anegada. However, make a pit break at the tiny but charming Scrub Island before reaching the island. There is a tourist port and a luxury resort to chill and unwind.

Day 7: Tortola – Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay Beach lies directly in front of you after you reach the northern part of the island, which is the other side of Road Town. Locals love the neighborhood, and in the summer, it comes alive with parties and various types of music. A popular local cocktail called the Painkiller is also best enjoyed here.

Day 8-9: Hop onto the Divers Paradise, Norman Island

The final stage of the trip, which you must complete before arriving back at Cooper Island, lies south of Tortola’s West End, in the southernmost section of the Sir Francis Drake Channel.

Explore Norman Island, well-known for the rock formations known as The Indians, whose profiles appear to depict the silhouette of an Indian chief. The Caves, at the tip of Treasure Point, on this island are another draw.

Day 10: Get Back to Cooper Island

Finally, the leisurely trip ends as you return to Cooper Island. Your final day starts with a leisurely downwind sail to Cooper island. Think back on your fantastic adventures as you sail past the beautiful marine environment.


Yacht charter in the BVI Bottom line

Interested in renting a yacht to tour the British Virgin Islands? Indeed, you must! Using the itinerary mentioned above can help you reach the prettiest beaches, many of which seem hidden coves dispersed throughout the many island locales. These islands are stunning places to anchor and provide wonderful swimming, snorkeling, and beach relaxation opportunities. When you’re ready to land, you’ll find charming hotels, delectable restaurants, and some surprisingly good hiking trails to explore.