The covid-19 pandemic surely changed a lot of aspects of our lives.  Traveling and sailing during the pandemic has been particularly challenging. PCR tests, health screens, and quarantines have been part of our new traveling routine, and have caused a lot of stress and wonders for the ones looking for their next yachting adventure. If you are a US citizen, chances are you wouldn’t mind escaping the madness for a week or two on a yacht somewhere on a deserted island at the moment.  Here…Continue Reading “Where can Americans Travel and Sail right now? Best Yachting Destinations for US Citizens in 2021”

After its cancellation in 2020 due to the COVID-19, the Antigua Charter Yacht Show is back with a major event: the 2021 edition will be celebrating the Diamond Anniversary of the event, that is, 60 years since the first edition. Windward Islands teams will not miss this yacht show exclusively open to Brokers, Marine Vendors, Captains & Press. This is a great opportunity to inspect the motor and sailing yachts, review the latest trends and (re) meet the captains and crews. One single goal! Be…Continue Reading “ANTIGUA CHARTER YACHT SHOW 60th edition – December 4th to 09th 2021”

Most of the countries in the world have reopened to international tourism with entry requirements in place to protect their inhabitants and the travellers. We have gathered all the information to help you plan your next trip. Don’t forget to check with your local embassy to make sure the conditions have not changed in the meantime or to contact us if you have any questions. Caribbean Islands entry specifications Bahamas Fully vaccinated travellers will be required to upload valid proof of vaccination. Unvaccinated travellers will…Continue Reading “Covid 19 Travel Advice: Conditions of Entry Worldwide”

The yachts in Below Deck are the real shining stars of the TV show when you are a true sailing enthusiast. After the success of the original Below Deck shot in the Caribbean and Polynesia on the Bravo TV channel, the saga continued in 2016 in the Mediterranean to feature European hotspots, including Italy, Spain, France, Greece, and Croatia. In 2020, the second spin-off of Below Deck, Below Deck Sailing Yacht is launched for two seasons in Greece and Croatia. In May 2021, Below Deck…Continue Reading “Yachts in Below Deck: the main boats of the TV Show”

Fractional yacht ownership is one of the way to own a yacht that might suit your needs. For most people, owning a luxury yacht means the freedom to move whenever and wherever they want with maximum comfort. However, it is rare to be able to use it 100% of the time. There are options to counteract the time the boat is not is used, and one of the most profitable and comfortable is fractional ownership. Shared yacht ownership may be for you. But do you…Continue Reading “Fractional Yacht Ownership : Everything you Need to Know”

The question might seem simple at first, but the answer depends on numerous factors. Among them: how long in advance you are booking your yacht charter, what your personal and professional situation is, and of course how risk-averse you are. As with many other travel cancellation insurances, a yacht charter cancellation plan is not mandatory. Deciding whether you need one or not may sometimes seem like a gamble.  Do you prefer to be careful than sorry? Or are you optimistic at heart? What are the…Continue Reading “Yacht Charter Cancellation Insurance – Should you get one?”

Renting a yacht is an exceptional experience to escape and relax. Life on board must strike the right balance between high-end service and respect for the privacy of all guests. For a successful stay for all, you, your family, and friends, it is important to follow a few basic rules. Here is a list of our 10 rules to follow onboard a boat! These ten commandments will allow you to enjoy your vacation in perfect conditions. 1. Respect the crew and keep them informed The…Continue Reading “The 10 Do’s and Don’ts Of a Luxury Yacht Charter”

Lagoon Seventy 7

The Seventy 7 is the flagship yacht of the shipyard Lagoon Catamaran. She is the favorite boat among catamarans lovers. This exceptional vessel combines all the know-how of the French shipyard. In fact, she has everything it takes to become a symbol of luxury, comfort, and elegance. The catamaran Lagoon 77 makes everyone very enthusiastic. She surprises by her dimensions, her level of luxury, and her panoramic view. This yacht is ideal for catamaran enthusiasts, and also all those looking to charter a spacious and…Continue Reading “Lagoon Seventy 7: our Review of One of the Best Catamarans Available for Charter”

To start your journey aboard a luxury yacht, several options are available, including commercial flight, private jet and sometimes helicopter. What are the advantages of flying private? For certain destinations, it seems that traveling in a private jet is more than a must. Find out the reasons why you should opt for this flying option. 1. Optimize your time Access to certain isolated destinations by commercial flights may be restrictive. For example, in some isolated destinations, including some islands in the Cyclades, the Caribbean, or the…Continue Reading “7 Reasons to Reach your Yacht by Private Jet”