naples amalfi coast

Thanks to its scenic landscape, the Amalfi coast is a famous holiday destination for celebrities and aristocrats. But you can also experience this glamorous lifestyle on a one-week Italian retreat or a Naples yacht charter. Here is why you should travel to this part of Italy and what to expect from the journey. What is the Amalfi Coast? Stretching along the southern side of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana) is one of Italy’s most beautiful and memorable areas. This holiday destination in…Continue Reading “9 fabulous things to do in the Amalfi Coast for a perfect vacation”

diving spots in the mediterranean

If you think that diving is only significant in the Caribbean islands or some exotic Pacific spots, think again! There are plenty of blissful diving destinations in the Mediterranean. Prepare your gear and charter a yacht to these 7 locations with fascinating underwater treasures. There is a vast choice of destinations that divers of all skill levels can enjoy in the Mediterranean. Are you looking for shipwrecks or colorful reef scapes? You’ll discover diverse ecosystems straight from your rental boat. France: Riou Archipelago France is…Continue Reading “The 7 most Exciting Diving Spots in the Mediterranean”


Whether you are looking for a waterfront eatery or a gourmet culinary experience, there are plenty of Mediterranean restaurants worth stepping onshore during your sailing vacations. Your private chef can prepare daily fresh meals with local seafood on a crewed motorboat charter. You can also combine sailing and traveling to the most select restaurants in the Mediterranean accessible by yacht.  Imagine the savor of juicy ripe tomatoes, fragrant olive oils, and organically-grown lamb and pork prepared by the World’s best chef.  Here is our selection…Continue Reading “The 10 best restaurants for yacht charters in the Mediterranean”


The easiest way to adopt a sense of calm in tumultuous times is to dive into the ocean and be awed by its hidden treasures. Here are the top 8 Caribbean diving destinations you should try on your charter yacht. Whether you are looking for vibrant marine life in spectacular reefs, impressive wrecks, walls, or cenotes, the Caribbean has it all. The region features top-notch diving infrastructure and marinas, luxury resorts to rest, gourmet restaurants, and lots of activities to enjoy above the water. Grenada…Continue Reading “Top 8 Caribbean diving destinations”

The Ultimate Destinations For Luxury Vacations in 2020

When it is time to book summer holiday, we want to find something to experience a real luxury vacations. This is our chance to detach from the real world and treat ourselves for a change. A great way to do this is to head to one of the ultimate destinations in Europe for luxury vacation. There are lots of long-standing favorites and new trends that can offer a luxury trip this year and here are the ultimate destinations for luxury vacations in 2020. Balearics Our first…Continue Reading “The Ultimate Destinations For Luxury Vacations in 2020”

How to choose the best location for a Greek Island adventure

The Greek Islands are beautiful gems in the Mediterranean Sea and the perfect playground for your sailing vacations. Charter a yacht in Greece and you’ll be reward with great weather, beautiful scenery, tasty food, and much more! Each island provides its peculiar taste of paradise. However, there are around 6,000 islands! So, what is the right destination for your charter yacht cruise? To help you out, I have a list of different things to keep in mind to select the best location for a sailing…Continue Reading “What is the best location for sailing vacations in the Greek islands?”

best sailing destinations in the Mediterranean charter

Sailing destinations in the Mediterranean are famous for the scenic coastlines and sparkling azure waters. If you looking for sun-drenched shores, and pleasant climate, set sail to the Mediterranean! Composed of more than 20 countries, this region provides so much more. Each location features a unique and genuine experience. Each has its distinctive culture and history, archaeology, and mythology. There are countless places to discover and to explore from the Balearics to the Cyclades. We have selected the most popular sailing destinations in the Mediterranean….Continue Reading “The 9 Best Sailing Destinations in the Mediterranean for summer”

Bahamas attractions

The Bahamas always tops many wish lists when it comes to tropical destinations. This collection of more than 700 paradise islands seems a world apart from our day-to-day life. But it is more accessible than you think. You have to sail 80km from Florida to the port of Nassau. From there, it is easy to charter a yacht and to explore all the breathtaking islands and cays. Here are the 12 best things to do and see when visiting the Bahamas. 1. Nassau Nassau is the best…Continue Reading “The 12 best things to do on a yacht charter in the Bahamas”

Plan your vacation to the maldives

Looking for the ideal tropical sailing vacation? The Bahamas comes straight to mind. They benefit from an excellent and steady reputation. But what makes this destination so appealing? What can we expect from holidays in the Bahamas? 1- Enjoy the Sea, Sand, and Sun The Bahamas offer the 3 Ss – sea, sand, and sun – with profusion. There are plenty of breathtaking beaches and cays around the islands. They are perfect for sunbathing, swimming and other beachside activities. The pristine blue waters are always tempting. The…Continue Reading “7 reasons why sailing the Bahamas should be on your Wish List”

Located in the northeast Caribbean Sea, St Martin or Sint Marteen is a 37-square-mile dual-governed island. Nicknamed the “Friendly Island,” it is a supreme destination for yacht charter. The north side is part of France and the home of the tastiest restaurants and party beaches. The southern part belongs to Netherlands Antilles, and it provides lively casinos, bars, and clubs for a vibrant nightlife.  Both sides boast pristine beaches, gourmet restaurants, luxury shops, and myriad attractions, narrowed down here to the top 8. 1 –…Continue Reading “Discover these 8 fascinating things to do when visiting St Martin”