How to choose the best location for a Greek Island adventure

The Greek Islands are a wonderful place to enjoy a Mediterranean holiday. You are pretty much guaranteed great weather, beautiful scenery, tasty food and much more on each one. However, there are more than a thousand islands off the coast of Greece. So, how do you choose the right destination? When you determine how to choose the best location for a Greek Island adventure, there are different factors to keep in mind. Think about the following questions when choosing the best destination for a Greek…Continue Reading “How to Choose the Best Location for a Greek Island Adventure”

When it is time to book a summer vacation, we want to find something with a little bit of luxury where we can afford it. This is our chance to detach from the real world and treat ourselves for a change. A great way to do this is to head to one of the best destinations in Europe. There are lots of long-standing favourites and new trends that can offer a luxury trip this year and here are the ultimate destinations for luxury vacations in 2019…Continue Reading “The Ultimate Destinations For Luxury Vacations in 2019”

Malta Best Beaches to Visit

Malta is a beautiful island with a dramatic coastline. It might not be the first country that comes to mind for a Meditteranean holiday by the beach. However, there are lots of great beaches and bays as well as tourist resorts. Different sites around Malta have their own vibe. Some are catered to tourists and full of facilities while others are quiet and secluded. Travellers that hire a yacht charter in Malta have a better chance of enjoying as many of these great beaches as…Continue Reading “The 10 Best Beaches To Visit In Malta”

Mediterranean vacation in spring

Springtime is a wonderful time of the year to visit the Mediterranean. The landscape is beginning to wake up with the colour, songs and scents of nature. The waters around the different islands and bays are beginning to warm up enough for a spot of swimming and diving. The major cities across Italy, Spain, Greece and so many more countries are beginning to liven up with new events and exhibitions. Spring is the perfect time to enjoy a great break in a top Mediterranean destination….Continue Reading “5 Reasons why you should say YES to a Mediterranean Vacation in Spring”


Spring is the perfect time to book a vacation to an island paradise or Mediterranean destination. We may assume that these regions come alive during the summer. However, summer can be too hot, too overcrowded and not as much fun. Spring sees calmer, cooler weather that is more tolerable. It brings great events and opportunities as companies start the new tourist season. It can also mean lower prices from hotels, tour operators and more. That is why it is such a great idea to travel…Continue Reading “The Best Places To Travel In March”

Plan your vacation to the maldives

When it comes to picking the ideal location for a tropical holiday, the Bahamas always comes straight to mind. This is often through reputation alone. So, what exactly is it about this destination that is so appealing. What can we really get out of a Bahamas vacation? 1- Sun, sea and sand.     The Bahamas offer the 3 Ss – sun, sea and sand – in style. There are plenty of different beaches and cays around the islands that are perfect for a little sunbathing, swimming…Continue Reading “Why the Bahamas Should Top Your Travel Wish List”


There are many reasons to turn to Seychelles as a holiday destination. Some come here for the relaxed atmosphere as a chance to get away from the world for a while. Others are keen to explore the crystal clear waters while diving, hike the islands or just enjoy the local culture. For many, the beauty of these islands comes from the beaches in Seychelles. Here are some of the best Seychelles beaches to discover on your next vacation. Beau Vallon: Mahe Island. The first beach…Continue Reading “These Stunning Beaches will Make you Want to Travel to Seychelles”

Seychelles islands : Here is why Seychelles should be on your Bucket List

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands that are located in the Indian Ocean, east of mainland East Africa. It is at the top of many people’s bucket lists in terms of must-see destinations and there is the common belief that the landscape and experiences here are unbeatable in terms of an island paradise. That is why this is such a common honeymoon destination. The great news for travelers is that there is more here than just sandy Seychelles beaches.   When to visit…Continue Reading “Here is why Seychelles should be on your Bucket List”

things to do in st martin

The Caribbean island of St Martin, or St Maarten, is a popular destination for travellers and cruise ships on an exploration of the region. This little gem has a lush nature reserve in the middle, fun ports and tourist attractions dotted around and plenty of beaches. There is a lot to explore in this little island. Beach lovers can try the many shores and cays. Adventurers can trek out into the islands highest points. Foodies can test out local produce. There is something for everyone,…Continue Reading “Discover these 8 fascinating things to do when visiting St Martin”

destinations for yacht charter italy

There are plenty of choices of top destinations in Italy for a luxury yacht charter. Each coastal town and city has its own charm, and the coastline of the country stretches further towards the many idyllic islands. Here are 5 of the best options to consider the next time you want to take a leisurely cruise on these Italian waters. Sicily: Sicily is a great starting point for this list of the best destinations for Italian yacht charters because of its geography. It is full…Continue Reading “Italy’s Top 5 Luxury Yacht Charter Destinations”