The covid-19 pandemic surely changed a lot of aspects of our lives.  Traveling and sailing during the pandemic has been particularly challenging. PCR tests, health screens, and quarantines have been part of our new traveling routine, and have caused a lot of stress and wonders for the ones looking for their next yachting adventure. If you are a US citizen, chances are you wouldn’t mind escaping the madness for a week or two on a yacht somewhere on a deserted island at the moment.  Here…Continue Reading “Where can Americans Travel and Sail right now? Best Yachting Destinations for US Citizens in 2021”

Most of the countries in the world have reopened to international tourism with entry requirements in place to protect their inhabitants and the travellers. We have gathered all the information to help you plan your next trip. Don’t forget to check with your local embassy to make sure the conditions have not changed in the meantime or to contact us if you have any questions. Caribbean Islands entry specifications Bahamas Fully vaccinated travellers will be required to upload valid proof of vaccination. Unvaccinated travellers will…Continue Reading “Covid 19 Travel Advice: Conditions of Entry Worldwide”

When it comes to booking summer holidays, the Mediterranean is still a destination that has it all with something to please everyone. Find out our 6 favorite Mediterranean luxury destinations for 2021 to treat yourself with some good time and luxury vacations in Europe. Whether you are into long-standing favorites or new upcoming destinations for your holidays, discover our top 6 destinations for luxury vacations in Mediterranean. 1- Balearics: the ultimate destination archipelago for some luxury in the Mediterranean Our first choice is the Balearics….Continue Reading “Mediterranean Luxury Destinations : Our 6 Favorite for 2021”

Establishing the top 10 of Mediterranean destinations in summer is not an easy task. Every yacht enthusiast used to sail the Mediterranean has its favourites where he like to spend most of his summer time, and quite frankly, there is no wrong choice to be had. From the golden beaches of the Balearic Islands to the Turquoise Coast, the Mediterranean has more than one treasure to discover, especially when you are lucky enough do so by yacht. Tempted by the Mediterranean? We help you to…Continue Reading “Top 10 Mediterranean destinations to charter a yacht to this summer”

As more countries re-open for air travel, passengers are giving a stronger focus on health and safety therefore paying more attention to the way they travel. Private aviation offers more advantages than before in that context. We listed here, some destinations where flying private will be even more confortable for you. 1. Pacific, Polynesia Charter a luxury yacht in Polynesia is the best way to explore this immense region. French Polynesia is made up of about a hundred islands, divided into three groups: the Society,…Continue Reading “The Top Yachting Destinations Where Flying Private is a Must”

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The Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is an important part of the charter price of a luxury yacht.  So what is the meaning of APA when you are chartering a luxury yacht? What is the APA made of? How can you determine in advance the amount of your advance provisioning allowance? We explain in this guide what you should know about the Advance Provisioning Allowance before you book your next luxury yacht charter. What does APA mean when you charter a luxury yacht? APA is short…Continue Reading “APA for Luxury Yacht Charter – The Advance Provisioning Allowance Explained”

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Thanks to its scenic landscape, the Amalfi coast is a famous holiday destination for celebrities and aristocrats. But you can also experience this glamorous lifestyle on a one-week Italian retreat or a Naples yacht charter. Here is why you should travel to this part of Italy and what to expect from the journey. What is the Amalfi Coast? Stretching along the southern side of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana) is one of Italy’s most beautiful and memorable areas. This holiday destination in…Continue Reading “9 fabulous things to do in the Amalfi Coast for a perfect vacation”

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If you think that diving is only significant in the Caribbean islands or some exotic Pacific spots, think again! There are plenty of blissful diving destinations in the Mediterranean. Prepare your gear and charter a yacht to these 7 locations with fascinating underwater treasures. There is a vast choice of destinations that divers of all skill levels can enjoy in the Mediterranean. Are you looking for shipwrecks or colorful reef scapes? You’ll discover diverse ecosystems straight from your rental boat. France: Riou Archipelago France is…Continue Reading “The 7 most Exciting Diving Spots in the Mediterranean”


Whether you are looking for a waterfront eatery or a gourmet culinary experience, there are plenty of Mediterranean restaurants worth stepping onshore during your sailing vacations. Your private chef can prepare daily fresh meals with local seafood on a crewed motorboat charter. You can also combine sailing and traveling to the most select restaurants in the Mediterranean accessible by yacht.  Imagine the savor of juicy ripe tomatoes, fragrant olive oils, and organically-grown lamb and pork prepared by the World’s best chef.  Here is our selection…Continue Reading “The 10 best restaurants for yacht charters in the Mediterranean”


The easiest way to adopt a sense of calm in tumultuous times is to dive into the ocean and be awed by its hidden treasures. Here are the top 8 Caribbean diving destinations you should try on your charter yacht. Whether you are looking for vibrant marine life in spectacular reefs, impressive wrecks, walls, or cenotes, the Caribbean has it all. The region features top-notch diving infrastructure and marinas, luxury resorts to rest, gourmet restaurants, and lots of activities to enjoy above the water. Grenada…Continue Reading “Top 8 Caribbean diving destinations”