The famous French yacht builder has unveiled a new 27-meter yacht model, the CNB 88. First development at Solaris, the CNB 88 is in line with the CNB yachts.

With an architecture signed by Philippe Briand, this novelty ship took up the strong elements of the CNB 76, they both have the same “simplicity of use” but with larger volumes.

According to the shipyard, the yacht will be as comfortable on transatlantic races as on the racetrack.

This new model, designed and built at the Solaris shipyard in Aquileia, will benefit from all the Solaris know-how, both in terms of the boat’s structure and the woodwork of the fittings.

We think they found the right balance with the lines people love from CNB and more exclusive choices of materials.

The interior design was conceived by Jean-Marc Piaton, and the guest accommodation includes a large master cabin and three guest cabins for a total of eight people. The crew quarter includes two double cabins, with a dedicated access to the kitchen for optimal operation.

“With her exclusive marine interior, especially the woodwork, the CNB 88 takes the concept of an elegant yacht even further” – CNB

The entire yacht benefits from natural light. Especially in the main salon with its windows designed by Briand, but also thanks to a large bay window installed in the ceiling with a transparent rear wall.

We are looking forward to seeing the CNB88 on the water.

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