A family vacation on a yacht is without a question one of the most amazing holidays you can take with your loves ones.

It’s the ideal way to get away from the rush and bustle of everyday life. It’s an opportunity to slow down, reconnect with family aboard a yacht and moreover reconnect with nature.

Here is what you need to know about a family yacht trip.

Why is a yacht trip one of the best family vacations there is?

A family yacht vacation may possibly be the most relaxing yet adventurous experience, with its electrifying sense of seagoing thrill and something for everyone to appeal.

Several ports of call provide opportunities for fascinating discoveries and multiculturalism.

  • A yacht is the ideal vacation choice for multigenerational family travels because there are plenty of activities to cater to people of all ages.
  • A yacht has all the crew needed to cater to your family needs so that all you really have to do is sit back and enjoy
  • Yacht getaway allows everyone to explore new things for the first time, such as snorkeling, sailing, and surfing, among other activities.
  • A yacht trip brings you closer to nature, as you get the opportunity to become the neighbors of dolphins, fishes, sea birds, and many more water creatures.
  • While there are many opportunities to engage with family and create shared experiences on a yacht vacation, it also provides alone time for the ones who need it.

Who should you bring on your family yacht holidays?

Almost everyone can join a family yacht trip. Children and elders alike, with everything in between.

Keep in consideration your family’s individual needs, medical concerns, and any other issues that anyone in your family might have while aboard a yacht when determining who to take on a yacht holiday.

Obviously, you are familiar with your family members, so you should know what’s coming in terms of how they would behave on board and what they will need.

Is it safe to go on a yacht vacation with young children or the elderly?

Taking kids and elderly people along with you on a family yacht vacation depends on their health and soundness. Hence, it is of prime importance to consider their individual medical concerns or any specific sensitivities with regard to marine life thoroughly before deciding on who can come on a family yacht vacation.

Other than medical conditions, yes it is generally safe to bring kids and elders on board.

Safety advises to teach your kids to stay safe while on a yacht

There are certain additional safety measures you might take based on the age of the kids who will be on board. With small children, go through all of the safety precautions and remind the kids as well, especially the rules mentioned below:

  • No running aboard and no throwing things.
  • Do not go towards the yacht’s front without any adults.
  • Follow what the captain says, always.
  • Always swim under supervision.
  • Do not leave the boat without asking an adult.
  • Set a schedule for adults to share the kids’ responsibilities.

What types of yachts are the most suited to family yacht holidays?

When it comes to choosing the perfect yacht for a family holiday, there are several variables to consider. The major considerations are yacht size, safety, and friendly crew.

Motoryachts: a great option with kids

Motor yachts are the finest option for both comfort and adventure. They have numerous chill-out spaces aboard with plenty of modern, sleek amenities.

Motoryachts are also safe option with kids with less technical material on the way, so less risk of injury.


Catamarans are ideal for cruising with your family. They are stable in the water and do not tip over, which can be frightening for children. They have a lot of interior room, and the galley is at the same level as the cockpit, so you can see the kids whether they’re inside or outside.

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What should a yacht have to be ideal for family vacations?

Yacht amenities to host the whole family

When selecting a yacht for a family trip, look for one with plenty of deck space, an open layout, and versatile lodging space to accommodate the entire family.

Some yachts are also equipped with child-friendly features that are both safe and enjoyable such as indoor cinema or an empty room for playing.

Yacht Toys and activities to distract the young ones

Yacht toys are great for keeping the children busy and making them sleep at night. Yachts can be equipped with many toys for children :

  • Jet skis
  • Yacht slides
  • Stand up paddles
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Kite surfs
  • …and many more!

Children-friendly yacht crew

The most important factor to keep in mind while deciding on a yacht for a family vacation is that the crew must be children-friendly.

This shall ensure an enjoyable experience throughout without any worries about kids’ safety. The ideal crew will be family-oriented, active, and professional in their approach.

Don’t worry, this is the case of most crews, and your broker will check it beforehand.

Which destinations are the best for family yacht vacations?

The Caribbean: a perfect playground for yacht holidays as a family

The Caribbean islands are an ideal destination for a family yacht vacation to witness the turquoise waters with a plethora of panoramic views.

The British Virgin Islands, which are made up of four big islands and 50 or so smaller cays, are known for their picturesque green peaks, pristine beaches, and some of the superlative snorkeling and diving escapades in the Caribbean.

Families can also island hop through clusters of neighboring islands like St. Lucia and the Grenadines on a private yacht to get the most out of the Caribbean.

The Mediterranean: a great yachting destination as a family

The Mediterranean offers a variety of leisure choices for families traveling by yacht with kids, all of which promise a terrific time and an unrivaled sense of adventure. There are numerous yachting routes that cater to family yachting adventures. The Mediterranean, with Greece, Italy, the Aeolian Islands, and Sardinia, is the best of all yacht vacation options for families.

Polynesia: the lost paradise to discover during a family yacht charter

This South Pacific paradise – the picturesque islands of French Polynesia – has something for everyone, with a year-round climate, sparkling blue oceans, and white sand beaches. An undersea universe is waiting to be uncovered by the adventurous. Palm tree lined coastlines, and breathtaking waterfalls are within reach for families traveling to the place for a yacht vacation.


How to organize yachting itineraries when you are chartering a yacht with children?

Keep distances short

Set the sailing distances short so that the kids aren’t bored on the yacht. Instead of a long sail, make a stop at a beach in between to run around and play.

Choose a destination that appeals to everyone.

Kids tend to easily get bored even if they are on a yacht that offers plenty of adventures. Hence, it is wise to carefully pick a destination for a yacht vacation that fulfills everyone’s wanderlust.

Teach them new skills related to yacht

Introduce the kids to charts and other instruments. Make them press the anchor button and use the winch. This way, they feel more connected and begin to enjoy life on a yacht.

Carry along water toys

Bring lots of beach & water toys, or you can rent a paddleboat or a kayak. Check that their snorkeling equipment is comfortable and functional and that they have practiced breathing.

Try to bring them close to aquatic life

Purchase fish and animal guides so that the kids can gain a better understanding of what they’re witnessing live while on a yacht.

How much does a family yacht vacation cost?

There is no set cost that is available for a standard family yacht vacation. It all boils down to the number of people, destination, yacht choice, amenities of the yacht, and plenty of other aspects.

The length and number of cabins in the yacht also impact the overall vacation cost. A 100-foot yacht costs $50,000 to $100,000 per week on average. A weekly charter of an 80-foot catamaran costs between $40,000 and $100,000, while a week-long hire of a 100-foot motor boat costs between $50,000 and 80,000.

Fore more details, read our article about the cost of yacht charter.

Our selection of the best yacht available for family vacations

Catamaran Lagoon 67: a great yacht to charter as a family

The Sixty 7 catamaran is a luxury motoryacht that has something for everyone. This boat is ideal for Lagoon boatyard enthusiasts, but also for beginners who are looking for a first motor catamaran to cruise the French Riviera or discover the Caribbean islands.

C’EST LA VIE – Lagoon Catamaran 67 Power for charter

Trimaran NEEL 51: Give to your family a true sailing experience

This innovative motor catamaran is equipped with very high quality. It has double-bed cabins that can accommodate up to six people. The catamaran also has water toys for kids and a stand-The Neel 51 is a long-distance boat, family-friendly and maneuverable with a small crew. Its platform height above the water is a guarantee of comfort and safety. Its taut lines and inverted bows give it a modern design and a sleek look.

San Lorenzo 70: a prestigious motoryacht perfect for families

The San Lorenzo 70′ is built by the Italian shipyard whose reputation is well known. It has large interior spaces and shaded areas on its flybridge. Renovated in 2021, All We Need will welcome 6 guests in 3 beautiful cabins with a modern and luxurious style.

San Lorenzo 70′ ALL WE NEED for charter here

Begin Planning your Family Yacht Vacation Now!

A family yacht holiday is a fantastic concept, and you should take advantage of it. It’s perfectly safe, even for the youngest children, with careful planning. A well-planned yacht vacation is one of the best ways to reconnect as a family while together experiencing a rejuvenating reconnection with nature.

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