Italy’s Top 5 Luxury Yacht Charter Destinations

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There are plenty of choices of top destinations in Italy for a luxury yacht charter. Each coastal town and city has its own charm, and the coastline of the country stretches further towards the many idyllic islands. Here are 5 of the best options to consider the next time you want to take a leisurely cruise on these Italian waters.


Sicily is a great starting point for this list of the best destinations for Italian yacht charters because of its geography. It is full of great beaches, ports and marinas that are perfect for a little on-shore exploration and dining. This means plenty of choice and exploration on your cruise around the island. You can also detour for a little snorkelling around the Aeolian Islands.


Sardinia is a stunning destination for those that want to sail around the Mediterranean waters and see the best of Italy in one small island. It doesn’t take long to get to the island, then there is all the time in the world to kick back on the yacht and enjoy the sights. Porto Cervo, on the north-eastern coast, is especially popular. This may be largely down to the local regatta and other high-class events.


Another great island to consider is Capri. Visitors and locals have moored up on marinas and boardwalks in this island for centuries. Why not be one of the next foreign visitors to explore the shores and the villas of these Roman residents. The coastal scenery is stunning either onshore, or from the deck of your luxury yacht charter.


The brilliant thing about hiring a yacht for the week, or even just a weekend, is the chance to explore coastlines and find new sites. A great example of this is the Amalfi Coast. Many tourists to Italy know this coastline to some extent. A chartered cruise up to this picturesque town may also take in the delights of Li
Galli Islands.


Elsewhere on the Amalfi coast is our final choice in this guide. Naples is one of those destinations that makes every must-see list because it has something for everyone. This is a great place to set out from because it is so accessible and offers such great entertainment. A charter from here can head out to Capri, Pompeii and many other top destinations close to Naples.

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