What is a luxury charter?

On a luxury charter, you will experience a real sense of comfort and luxury, as if you were in a luxurious villa on the water. In addition to choosing your itinerary, you will be accompanied by a full crew including a captain, hostesses, and a cook. Finally, luxury charters offer a wide range of water sports, making your stopovers all the more enjoyable.

What is the cost of a private luxury yacht charter?

The cost of chartering a luxury yacht depends on the size, crew, and amenities onboard the yacht. Prices typically start at $15,000 all-inclusive for a one-week charter. On the largest luxury yachts, a one-week charter can cost more than $700,000, this does not include VAT or taxes, charterer’s expenses (APA) such as fuel, food, and beverages, as well as other services such as scuba diving lessons or spa services.

Is there a separate charge for the crew on board?

In the case of a luxury charter, the services of the crew are included in the total cost of the vacation. Unlike a skippered charter, you do not need to pay the skipper and host separately, nor do you need to provide food and drinks.

How does food and beverage work?

Breakfast and lunch with beverages are included on all luxury charters. Evening meals are optional and depend on your choice of charter.

How does the crew know about my cooking preferences and other wishes?

A few weeks before the charter, you will receive a “preference sheet” from us, a questionnaire on which not only the names and passport numbers, flight dates, and transfer requests of all guests are entered, but also all preferences, culinary wishes, information about allergies, water sports, etc. The crew can then prepare your luxury yacht vacation in the best possible way.

What types of boats are available for a yacht charter?

The types of yachts available for charter are as follows:
– Motor yachts
– Motor Catamarans
– Sailing catamarans
– Sailboats (monohulls)
– Motor yachts

Your yacht must meet your needs in terms of size and capacity. A modern motor yacht will, for example, be suitable for a family charter by offering beautiful spaces. A sailing yacht will be a fantastic choice for a boating enthusiast.

What is APA and how is it calculated?

The Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is due at the time of final charter payment. This amount is generally equal to 25% of the total amount of the charter, but maybe 30% in cases of motor yachts. These funds, intended to cover operating costs such as fuel, food, beverages, port fees, and one-time incidental expenses, will be remitted to the captain before the start of your cruise. He will ensure that your yacht is fully fueled and provisioned when you board. Although an updated statement of accounts may be requested at any time during your cruise, expenses will normally be presented by your captain at the end of the cruise.
If during the cruise, expenses exceed the amount already paid, additional cash funds will be required immediately. All unpaid invoices must be paid cash before final disembarkation. Of course, any credit remaining at the end of your cruise will be fully refunded. Upon request, transfers to and from the yacht can be made by WI Luxury Yachts or by your captain, the payment of which will be deducted from your APA.

What do I need to bring for my yacht vacation?

As with most vacations, the general rule is: the less you pack, the better. Softer luggage is ideal for stowing in cabin lockers and is generally more practical on a yacht. To help you pack, imagine what you’ll be doing on your cruise. Sometimes you’ll be swimming or sunbathing, sometimes you’ll be eating at a great seafood restaurant. It’s the type of charter and the location that determines what you should pack.
Some items to consider are, light summer clothing such as shorts, tops, skirts, hats or caps, sandals, sneakers or soft-soled athletic shoes, bathing suits, and warmer nightwear such as sweatshirts, sweaters, windbreakers, jeans, and light pants. You may want to go out to dinner and meet people in the evening, so more casual and even formal clothing, such as long pants, collared shirts and perhaps a jacket, might be a good idea. If you’re chartering an adventure yacht, you’ll be informed of the specific items needed.

What will my itinerary be and where can we sail?

This of course depends on the yacht charter in question. Generally, your itinerary will be based on your interests and requests. WI Luxury Yachts, as well as the captain and crew, have a thorough knowledge of the area, both at sea and on land. Your itinerary will be tailored largely to your wishes and is flexible, but is dependent on weather and wind conditions. If you need more information about the place of your choice, contact us and we will let you know what kind of attractions this particular place offers.

When should I make a reservation?

To help you plan your dream vacation with family or friends and be sure to book the right boat, Windward Islands puts its specialized knowledge and long and rich experience as a charter broker at your service. We have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of yachts acquired through personal visits to each of them to check the facilities, meet the crew, and taste the cuisine. To guarantee the reservation of the yacht you want, inquire as soon as possible. As brokers, we do our utmost to offer you the ideal boat. However, the selection process can take time.

Is there a minimum age for taking children on a yacht?

There is no minimum age for charter clients. Yachts are an excellent option for a family vacation with children. They offer a wide range of activities and a variety of safe and comfortable water games. Some yachts are more suitable for children than others. Ask your charter broker for advice regarding the age of the children and your charter plans. They will help you find the best yacht to meet your needs.

Can we bring our pets to the yacht?

Some do! It depends on the yacht. If this is an important point for you, your advisor can help you identify yachts that will accept all members of your family.

What are the most popular places for yachting?

The most popular boating destinations vary according to the season.
In the summertime, the Mediterranean is the most popular Northern Hemisphere destination, including the French Riviera, Corsica, the Balearic Islands, Sardinia, the Greek islands, and Croatia.
During the winter, the Bahamas and the Caribbean are the first charter spots.

Will we be allowed to smoke?

Very few yachts allow smoking indoors, but some may allow smoking in designated outdoor areas. If this is important to you, please mention it to your advisor beforehand.

Is there WiFi on board the yacht and network for cell phones?

Almost all yachts offer WiFi, but this is a point to be discussed with your advisor and confirmed with the captain of the boat. As far as the cell phone service is concerned, your service provider will have to confirm if it covers the destination of the cruise.

What to do in case of bad weather?

The advantage of chartering a yacht is that it is often possible to change your itinerary and head towards the sun. A rainy day at the port also offers the opportunity to explore the stores, bars, and restaurants.
Greece weather map.

Gratuities: do I tip?

While it is at your discretion, it is customary to tip the Captain and crew at the conclusion of a charter for excellent care and service. As a guide, a gratuity of 10-15% of the base charter fee is considered fair.

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