Establishing the top 10 of Mediterranean destinations in summer is not an easy task. Every yacht enthusiast used to sail the Mediterranean has its favourites where he like to spend most of his summer time, and quite frankly, there is no wrong choice to be had.

From the golden beaches of the Balearic Islands to the Turquoise Coast, the Mediterranean has more than one treasure to discover, especially when you are lucky enough do so by yacht.

Tempted by the Mediterranean? We help you to choose the destination (and the superyacht !) that you need to have a summer like no other!

1. The Italian Riviera : Indulge in some Dolce Vita this summer

The Italian Riviera stretches from the French border to Tuscany. 

Its picturesque hillside villages, especially in the Cinque Terre Park, such as Manarola and Riomaggiore, will charm you. 

Its coastline will keep you amazed with its rustic villages, rich towns, and beautiful beaches. Discover the seaside towns of Lerici, Sestri Levante, Portofino and Camogli. If you have to go for only one of them, Portofino is a must with its typical houses, azure waters, and green landscapes. It is one of the poshest towns on the coast. Also, visit Baia di Paraggi to swim in one of the most beautiful places on the Italian Riviera.

For your stay around the Italian Riviera, we recommend you the yacht High Roller by Baglietto.

2. The Cyclades, the favourite Greek islands in summer 

Greece, the cradle of our civilization, is culturally and architecturally rich. It is also one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the Mediterranean in summer, thanks to its picture-postcard landscapes, its magnificent beaches, its coves, and its small white houses. 

The several thousand Greek islands are like a daydream. The Ionian Islands, the Cyclades, and the Dodecanese Islands are the best known of them. 

Discovering the Cyclades by yacht is ideal. Some of these islands are gems, such as Mykonos and Santorini. If Mykonos is popular thanks to its clubs and lively beaches, Santorini seduces with its authentic architecture, blue-roofed houses, windmills, and cobbled streets. Don’t forget the island of Milos, in the extreme southwest of the Cyclades archipelago. Visitors to this booming island will be seduced by its gastronomy, its volcanic beaches, and its clear blue sea.

For your stay in Greece, you should go for a yacht such as Project Steel by Bugari.

3. Sicily, the most fascinating summer destination in the Mediterranean

Lush mountains, volcanoes, rugged coastline, fine black and white sand beaches, Sicily will surprise you.

Discover Sicily and the Aeolian Islands by yacht is incredible. 

Sicily is rich in exceptional historical and human heritage. Between archaeological sites and traditions, fishing villages, and authenticity, the island is fascinating.

Don’t forget to try all the local dishes. Its cuisine will blow you away, with its pasta, seafood, and cannolos.

Take advantage of your stay in Sicily to also visit the Aeolian Islands. This archipelago of volcanic origin promises breathtaking panoramas. Its active volcanoes, bubbling mud baths, and green forests make the place really exotic.

Visit Sicily and the Aeolian Islands with sailing yacht Dharma by Southern Wind.

4. Dalmatia, the most breathtaking coastlines of Europe 

The Dalmatian coast and its 1200 islands make Croatia one of the best destinations for a yacht charter in the Mediterranean. 

Appreciated for its culture, its historical cities, such as Split, Sibenik, or Dubrovnik, Croatia also offers wonderful beaches and landscapes. There, you can discover the oldest film festival in Europe in Pula, the Kornati marine park, the natural park of the Lastovo archipelago, the Krka and Skradin national parks. 

Pay also a visit to the surrounding islands such as Vis, Brac, and Hvar. They are stunning.

The Croatian winds are continuously blowing your sails, but if you want to go for a motor superyacht, we recommend the custom Gulet Smart Spirit I.

5. Montenegro, the most authentic

Sometimes forgotten, Montenegro is a magnificent summer yachting destination. Its 300 kilometers of jagged coastline are pretty preserved from tourism.

The magnificent walled city of Kotor and its fjords are worth a visit. 

Enjoy also Montenegrin beaches and deserted coves, its mountains and forests, as well as the kindness of its inhabitants.

With stable weather and a light breeze in the summer, Montenegro offers optimal conditions for your stay, for which we recommend the luxury Sailing yacht Rox Star.

6. The Balearic Islands, the most eclectic islands in the Mediterranean

The Balearic Islands are very popular with yachties because of their climate, their turquoise waters, the diversity of their landscapes, the warm welcome of their inhabitants, but also for their nightlife.

Visit Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera and enjoy peaceful anchorages and coves only accessible by boat. You will also discover mysterious caves such as the “Caves of the Drach” in Mallorca and the National Park of the Cabrera Archipelago, home to various species of birds and marine animals. If the nature aspect of the Balearic Islands is unknown, the festive Ibiza is internationally renowned.

This hedonistic hotspot is appreciated for its nightlife, but it also offers new activities that have to do with well-being and health. Go for a yoga session in the Beachouse de la Playa d’en Bossa, the most famous and festive beach in Ibiza, to transgress establish codes.

To discover the Balearic Islands, we recommend you the yacht Elegant 007 by Lambda.

7. The turquoise coast, a Mediterranean destination for nature lovers

The eastern Mediterranean and especially the “turquoise coast” are not to be overlooked. You can continue as far as Bodrum and Izmir on the Aegean coast. 

With its clear, warm, and shallow waters, the turquoise coast in Turkey invites you to swim, relax, dive and snorkel. There, you can observe whale sharks, turtles, and rays. Bodrum, Marmaris, and Fethiye are beautiful diving spots in Turkey. 

From the vibrant Fethiye, you can also access many small islands and islets, heavenly lagoons, and secluded coves.

If you want to enjoy different activities, the Turkish Riviera is full of resources. You can, for example, visit the incredible beaches of Marmaris and the historical city of Bodrum with its Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, a wonder of the ancient world. Bodrum will also satisfy fashionistas thanks to its shop variety.

For nature lovers, the Turkish coast is hemmed in by green mountains, ideal for hiking.

Gourmets will not be disappointed either. If you are nearby Fethiye, you should definitely give a try to the  Lebessos Winehouse, one of the best gastronomic restaurants in the region.

Ready to go to Turkey, let yourself be tempted by Meya Meya by  Logos Marine.

8. Corsica, the wildest Mediterranean destination

This mountainous region keeps on turning heads. The island of Beauty offers magnificent hikes on mountainous paths where you will discover waterfalls and small typical villages.

The coast of Corsica is 620 km long and offers more than 200 superb beaches, creeks, inlets, and nature reserves. The nature reserve of Scandola, Calvi, Bonifacio, the Lavezzi islands, Porto Vecchio, and the south of the island should appear on your bucket list.

The wonderful wild Corsican coast could be discovered with Mayrilou, the Sunreef supreme 68.

9. The French Riviera, the most iconic and luxurious destination in Mediterranean

Discover the charms of Provence and the French Riviera, an iconic yachting destination. Stretching from Marseille to the Italian border, the Côte d’Azur is famous for its small authentic villages and iconic seaside towns such as Saint-Tropez, Nice, Cannes, Monaco, or Menton with their trendy and posh establishments.

The region offers sailors superb anchorages giving access from the sea to splendid white sandy beaches, small coves, and steep inlets. The islands of Porquerolles and Port-Cros are real gems.

For your stay, consider chartering Yvonne by  Ferretti.

10. Sardinia, the most sophisticated

This sophisticated yet welcoming Italian island offers dreamy beaches. Sail to the bay of Cale Monte Turno or to the coves of Ogliastra. These coves can only be reached by sea. Enjoy the unique landscape, with its cliffs falling steeply into the bright blue of the Sardinian sea.

The island will also satisfy diving and snorkeling enthusiasts thanks to shipwrecks stranded in deep waters.

Don’t forget to discover the island of Budelli and its beautiful pink beach.

Finally, you will enjoy the local gastronomy, rich in seafood, cheese, and pasta.

To visit Sardinia and its surroundings, go for XO of the sea

Not sure of your choice yet?

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