Without any need to check in and out of lodgings and hotels and no need to pack your bags every so often as you move from location to location, a sailing trip is one of the most peaceful vacations you can take.

However, packing for a sailing excursion is similar to packing for a flight. It all starts with making a list, packing your belongings, and praying you haven’t forgotten anything. Knowing what to bring on a sailing trip can be difficult, and with little space, every item must be useful.

The goal? To gather all of the necessary items for a sailing voyage. And to leave out anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.

You must also guarantee that you have everything you need from the start of the excursion because you are on a yacht or boat. This is also important because acquiring supplies while sailing may be both costly and difficult.

Use the checklist below as a reference point if you’re a first-timer going on a sailing trip. Remember that the stuff you’ll want to pack on your sailing excursion may differ depending on the length of your trip and the current and expected weather conditions.

Why is it important to get a proper sailing packing list during your yacht trip?

Making a sailing checklist to cover all of your bases and be safe while out exploring the ocean is the first step in being prepared for an exciting sailing voyage. A checklist keeps you organized and serves as a heads up about the things you need to complete to ensure that your boat is in good working order, that you know where you’re going ahead of time, and that you have all the supplies you’ll need for a fun-filled trip full of wonderful instances and unforgettable memories.

Assemble everything you believe you’ll require for a sailing vacation. To ensure that you do not forget anything, it is best to compile a checklist of your documents and clothing. The next thing to keep in mind is that you won’t need too many outfits for your vacation. The majority of your time will be spent on a boat, relaxing with friends and/or family, and swimming, so having spare swimsuits and something to cover up with, such as a beach towel, is essential.

Shops might be far on a sailing holiday.

Sailing on a wide-open ocean or sea is full of adventure. However, if you do not have all the things in your hand, the trip can soon turn out to be a not-so-fun trip. Not to forget that sailing trips do not provide instant access to any shops, where you can go and buy anything at any point in time. Therefore, it is important to prepare a checklist of all the required items before going on a sailing trip.

Missing clothes/equipment can be problematic quickly.

If you do not have a checklist that mentions all the items that you require during a sailing trip can cost you unnecessary headaches and hassles. Also, not having the right clothes or equipment may not allow you to enjoy the trip to the fullest. Additionally, this can also cause problems, as specific clothing or equipment have their own purpose or utility while sailing.

What are the factors that can influence your sailing packing list?

The climate: the main factor that changes your sailing packing list

To begin with, the weather will play a considerably larger role in your sailing vacation. You’ll spend most of your time away outside, and the weather at sea can be much harsher than on land. The strength of the wind, for example, can drastically alter the temperature, so even if you’re going to the tropics, you’ll need thick clothing for when the wind gets up. You also don’t pack the same way for the Caribbean/BVI as you would for a transatlantic.


The size of the yacht: a mandatory consideration for your sailing packing list.

When deciding what to bring on a sailing trip, space will be a major consideration. On a sailboat, you will have very little space! Many cabins are nothing more than a bed and a shelf. Because you won’t have much space, the items you do bring should be carefully considered and most important. Or perhaps a cata has more space?

The persons you are traveling with: An important factor for your packing list

Whenever you start preparing a checklist of items to be included in your luggage for going on a sailing trip, the most important consideration is to assess the people you are traveling with. These may either be your friends, family, or any other people from your social circle. You need to take care of all the demands and requirements of the children as well as the old people who will be traveling with you. Indeed, you must make a list of the required medications if your travel group also includes persons who are prone to getting sick.

What do you plan to do during your sailing trip?

What you intend to do throughout your sailing trip majorly impacts your packing and the things you carry. Watching Monaco GP from the harbor is different from island hopping. Hence, keep in mind while packing what all activities you are going to do while sailing. The different activities you can do during a sailing trip may include scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, wakeboarding, and others.

The crew (or lack of) of your yacht charter: packing or not for the unexpected

Before you leave for the sailing trip, learn everything you can about the sailboat you’ll be staying aboard. If you’re staying with friends or crewing for someone who lives onboard, it’s likely that they’ll already have some of the necessities. You should check to see if the yacht you’re staying on has enough good quality life jackets for everyone on board, as well as basic safety equipment like a life raft and buoyancy aids.

This fundamental safety equipment should come standard on every yacht you charter. However, just in case, it’s worth addressing the question before you begin the trip! You can also see if linens and basic galley gear will be available, so you know if you need to bring those items or not.

The essentials that should always be on your packing list

Clothes for sailing

When going sailing, you must dress for the weather and wear clothes that are easy to maintain. Sailing clothing should allow you to be mobile while still keeping you secure on the boat.

Comfort, capacity to stay dry (and keep you dry), and ease of cleaning are the three attributes you search for in clothing when sailing on a yacht. It is imperative to consider the weather conditions while picking the clothes for going on a sailing trip.

Toiletries for sailing

You may save a lot of space in this area. Purchase a cheap hanging toiletry bag and fill it with only the essentials – in travel size. Soap, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, mosquito repellant, skin moisturizer, and antiperspirant deodorant should all be on your sailing packing list. Do not forget to pack the basic yet essential toiletries.

Healthcare and medication you might need during your trip

Make sure to bring all necessary medications you may need with you since any kind of medical need may arise at any time. Motion sickness medications, prescription medicines, other medical supplies like inhalers, insulin, glasses, contacts, injury and illness medicines are essential.

Also, prepare a first aid kit with bandages, oral rehydration salts, thermometer, antibacterial or antifungal ointments, tweezers, antiseptic wound cleaner, and other vitals.

Water sports equipment to consider bringing

Kayak and canoe boats, rowing boats, sailing boats, and surfboards are some of the common water sports equipment that you can carry along with you. Indeed, the type of equipment depends on your choice and enthusiasm for water sports.

Electronic equipment worth packing on a sailing trip

Satellite phones, batteries, portable power banks, headlamps, and cameras are probably the primary electronic items that you may consider taking on a sailing trip. Also, choose weather-resistant things and store them with desiccant packets at all times.

Games and ways to spend time on board

Beautiful sights can never be boring for adults, but not for kids. It can be difficult to keep children interested in sailing trips. There are a few games that you can play as a family that will involve everyone. Of course, board games are really useful. A nice option is to play cards or charades.

Freediving and snorkeling are exciting ways to explore the aquatic environment while experiencing something new and interesting.

Food and beverage (bareboat only)

Plan to include food and beverages that require minimum storage, limited refrigeration, little prep space, and limited cooking methods on your sailing voyage. Some of the preferred foods include pot noodles, rice in a bag, pasta meals, dried oatmeal, and seafood. Snacks such as granola bars, trail mix, cookies, candy bars, and fruits can also be carried.

Sailing equipment (bareboat only)

For sailing equipment, there are two types of categories. These pertain to clothing and boats. The clothing classification refers to the appropriate attire for sailing. Goggles, a wetsuit, life jackets, and a windbreaker are among them.

Sailing knives, life rafts, life slings, radios, tool kits, and other spare sailboat parts are examples of boat-related equipment.

Administration and paperwork

Keep a check on all the important and relevant documentation related to the sailboat. Additionally, carry all your sailing-related licenses and insurance documents. These may cover the water travel and charter documents like fishing permits, scuba licenses, sailing certification, passports (if sailing abroad), and other documents.

What NOT to bring on a sailing trip? What should stay out of your packing list?

There are a few things you should avoid bringing on a sailing trip. These things are either inconvenient or do not hold up well in a marine climate.

  • Delicate fabric clothes
  • Products that have leather coverings
  • Items that require a power supply
  • Costly products


When it comes to preparing for a sailing trip, we hope the list above can assist you in determining what is most vital to carry.


  • Sunscreen (corral friendly)
  • Swimming suit
  • Boat shoes
  • Rain jackets
  • Lightweight pullovers
  • Casual outfits

Don’t take:

  • High heels
  • Expensive clothing and accessories
  • Cotton clothing
  • Unnecessary electronic items
  • Hairdryers, hot irons
  • Fine jewelry

Check the weather forecast a few days ahead of time before beginning your sailing trip to see if you should bring more long-sleeve clothes or sleeveless shirts. Then it’s just a matter of having a fantastic sailing adventure!

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