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The 10 Best Beaches To Visit In Malta

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Malta Best Beaches to Visit

Malta is a beautiful island with a dramatic coastline. It might not be the first country that comes to mind for a Meditteranean holiday by the beach. However, there are lots of great beaches and bays as well as tourist resorts. Different sites around Malta have their own vibe. Some are catered to tourists and full of facilities while others are quiet and secluded. Travellers that hire a yacht charter in Malta have a better chance of enjoying as many of these great beaches as they can. Here are 10 of the best beaches in Malta to help you pick a destination.

1- Bugibba Perched Beach

Bugibba Perched Beach

If you want a beach with a family-friendly vibe, this is a great place to come. The beach gets busy, but that is mainly because there are so many facilities and attractions. The National Aquarium and Bugibba Water Park are close by for a fun afternoon with the kids.

2- Sliema Beach

Sliema Beach Malta

The sand and shore of this beach are great for sunbathing and swimming – if you find the right spot. However, many couples will also enjoy taking a stroll along the promenade that flanks the beach. This area has plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from and some great views. There is an old-fashioned charm to the place.

3- Blue Lagoon

Blue lagoon malta

If you want to head to the beach to swim and snorkel, there is no better place than the Blue Lagoon. Some wouldn’t recommend this area to tourists because of the lack of space on the shore. However, this stunning site is more accessible for those travelling around on a yacht charter. The colour and clarity of the water need to be seen to be believed.

4- Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay-Malta

Some of the best beaches are those that find a middle ground between touristy and quiet. This bay is popular and has great facilities, but it isn’t that crowded in quieter months. This site also has some great views of Comino and Gozo.

5- St George’s Beach

St George s Beach Malta


This is one of the best beaches in Malta for tourists, especially those that stay in Paceville. The area is maintained to a high standard with imported white sand and great facilities. It is very proud of its Blue Flag status and continues to attract lots of visitors.

6- Golden Bay

Golden Bay MALTA

This beach ticks a lot of the right boxes for holidaymakers. The beach is large enough for lots of tourists at the height of the season, there are some great facilities and the water is patrolled by lifeguards. It is a great choice for families that want a safer bet.

7- Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, Malta

This bay is the opposite of the one above. There are few fewer facilities here and you need the energy and patience to trek down the stairs to reach it. However, the views and the quality of the red sand makes it all worth the effort.

8- Mellieha Bay

Mellieha Bay Beach MALTA

This is a great choice for all those that want to have some fun in the water. The shallow shore is ideal for swimming – especially for kids – and there are nearby rental stores that provide equipment for watersports.

9- Gnejna Bay

Gnejna Bay Cliffs

If you would prefer some peace and quiet so that you can relax and sunbathe, you might be better off heading to Gnejna Bay. This is a little more off the beaten track compared to the tourist beaches. The shore and golden sands are worth the trip.

10- Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay Malta

We can’t really leave Gozo out of this list because it too has some great beaches. This Bay is one of the most popular with tourists because of the amenities and the quality of the sand. It is a great place to stop and relax when exploring this island.

One of the great things about exploring via a yacht charter in Malta is that you can head out to Gozo with ease. You can also moor up in some of the less accessible areas without worrying about ferry times, hire cars or public transport. This is the best way to see the islands and experience the best coastal locations. You can head to some of the tourist sites for a meal then sail off when it gets crowded to find somewhere a little quieter. An experienced crew can guide you on a great tour of Malta.

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