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The 5 Best Honeymoon Destinations In Italy

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Honeymoon Destinations In Italy

There are some cities that spring to mind when considering an Italian honeymoon. Rome is an obvious starting point for those that have never been to the country. Venice has a lot of stereotypical romantic charm. However, there are plenty of other options.

If you are looking to head over to Italy for your honeymoon, here are 5 top honeymoon destinations to consider.


If you want to raise a glass to your new life as a married couple, there are few places better than Florence. This beautiful city lies in the heart of Tuscany, and it is only a short journey between the fine restaurants and the wineries supplying them. Couples can relax in the country, enjoy some culture in the city and tick off a list of traditional honeymoon experiences.


Verona isn’t always on top of the list of holiday destinations in Italy – partly because travellers are more familiar with places like Rome, Venice and Florence. Yet, the name will ring a bell for anyone that studied Shakespeare at school. This is the setting for Romeo and Juliet, and this alone adds a little magic to the city for newlyweds. You can even see the balcony that inspired the heroine’s famous scene.


Naples is a stunning city full of everything that tourists adore about the country. Newlyweds can spend days exploring the local landmarks, such as Pompeii and Vesuvius. You can then have a romantic dinner at some of the best pizzerias and restaurants in the city. Finally, end the day gazing out over the coastline from your luxury yacht. There is glamour in this option that some may not expect.


Some couples that want to get away from it all will prefer the idea of jetting off to an Italian island. Sardinia is the perfect example because it is a great place to catch some sun and breath after a hectic wedding. Couples can enjoy gelato, sunbathe on the beach and chill out in the little fishing ports. You can do as much
or as little as you want.


Finally, there is the option of a Sicilian getaway when choosing from the best Italian honeymoon destinations. This is ideal because it offers all the best elements of Italian culture, food and scenery in one beautiful island. It is a great base for relaxation and adventure, and not too far from some major cities for those that want a 2-part vacation.

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