The Ultimate Destinations For Luxury Vacations in 2020

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The Ultimate Destinations For Luxury Vacations in 2020

When it is time to book summer holiday, we want to find something to experience a real luxury vacations.

This is our chance to detach from the real world and treat ourselves for a change.

A great way to do this is to head to one of the ultimate destinations in Europe for luxury vacation.

There are lots of long-standing favorites and new trends that can offer a luxury trip this year and here are the ultimate destinations for luxury vacations in 2020.


Our first choice is the Balearics. There was a time when the Balearics were synonymous with youth culture and partying.

Groups would flock to Ibiza for massive club night they struggled to remember when they got home.


However, there is another side to Ibiza and its sister islands of Minorca, Majorca, and Formentera.

There are some magnificent luxury villas in some of the more scenic regions.

It is also possible to find excellent restaurants in traditional villages away from the drunken crowds.

We recommend CARTOUCHE for an exceptional cruise in the Balearics


Montenegro is on the cusp of becoming the absolute must-visit location in Europe.

The recent split from Serbia means we have a country forming its own identity and marketing itself on its culture, scenery, and cuisine.

It means that you can have a quiet, luxury break in stunning locations for a reasonable price. Find a private apartment near the mountains or the shore and unwind.

There is a good chance that while Montenegro is the secret must-visit location for 2019, it will be on many more lists for 2020.

Therefore, you should make the most of the chance to say you were there before it was popular and overcrowded.

Explore Montenegro with the stunning ROX STAR KETCH 40M

Santorini and Mykonos

Santorini and Mykonos are often seen as family-favorites and popular tourist spots for anyone heading to Greece.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a little luxury here too.


There are some great resorts on both islands that are more for couples with a bit of more disposable income.

There are also some high-end restaurants with magnificent sea views.

Mykonos may be more of a party island, but there is more to it than that. Santorini is iconic with its architecture and traditional feel.

Of course, you could always see both islands with a luxury yacht charter.


The beautiful MEMORIES TOO is available for charter in Greece


If you can get away from the more tourist-friendly spots in Venice, it is possible to have a more luxurious break at a quieter pace.


There are some great 5 star restaurants and hotels across the city as well as hidden treasures of art, history and culture.

It is worth researching the city and planning your trip for the best spots. Also, consider a trip to the island of Burano for a different perspective.


Croatia has become such a popular choice of destination that some people may worry that it isn’t possible to have a quiet, luxury break any more.

This doesn’t have to be the case if you head to Split.


There will still be people here trying to recreate GOT scenes. But, it can be a little more chilled.

There are lots of great historical locations and quirky neighbourhoods to explore at your own pace.

A stroll along the Riva promenade feels as though you are in the French Riviera. There is also an array of high-end hotels and restaurants.

French Riviera:

Finally, there are fewer places that scream the word luxury more than the French Riviera itself. This has long been the go-to destination for the rich and famous and it isn’t hard to see why.

The coastline of this region is stunning and offers great views of the Mediterranean.

However, there is still no doubt that you are still in France with the fine cuisine and architecture.


The whole region is full of great luxury experiences – from hotels, spas, restaurants and shopping – that you are spoiled for choice.

In short, there are lots of different choices in Europe for finding the ultimate destinations for luxury vacations.

Some of these options may be obvious to some extent, but they are popular tourist spots for a good reason.

Others will be less familiar because of their recent appeal and location. Don’t be afraid to look into a destination that is out of the ordinary.

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