It makes sense that yachts have a negative reputation when it comes to being environmentally friendly. But there are lots of options present today in the market. Furthermore, these sustainable yacht options take care of the environment while still offering thrilling yachting experiences.

Hybrid propulsion, more efficient hulls, and selecting sail over motor are a few of the growing number of features for lower-impact yachting. Future-focused, sustainable yacht builders and buyers are placing an increasing emphasis on sustainability. Accordingly, this is evident in the types of yachts available currently in the market.

Here is a list of pioneering sustainable yachts making their way to a more eco-friendly future without influencing the luxury and comfort aspect of yachts.

Leen 72: A futuristic hybrid yacht that will make you love trimarans

With its hybrid motor, solar panels, and ergonomic design, the Leen 72 is one step ahead in the race of sustainable yachts. The combination of an original version, a compelling demeanor, and exceptional intelligence is what makes LEEN 72. The bridge provides enormous, comfortable, and light-filled living space as well as complete protection and security. This eco-friendly trimaran is anticipated to be 30% more energy-efficient than motor catamarans. Indeed, this trimaran will be a lot more energy-efficient in comparison with typical monohull trawler yachts.

The Leen 72 features a more traditional design, with either four or six cabins on the lower deck and the entire main deck dedicated to living space. The Leen 72 trimarans were created by the NEEL shipyard, specialists and enthusiasts, and they combine all the attributes of yachts made for demanding customers: aesthetics, performance, comfort, high autonomy, safety, outstanding sea passage, and sustainability. Their sleek, modern lines guarantee a distinctive appearance that won’t date.

Black Pearl: A sailing superyacht that can trans-Atlantic without even a liter of fossil fuel

Black Pearl is the world’s biggest sailing superyacht, measuring 350 feet. She certainly stands out, yet despite her size, she is very environmentally friendly. Black Pearl by Oceanco was delivered in 2016, is famous for its capability of sailing across the Atlantic using only renewable energy.

Despite its size, the yacht is lightweight because of its carbon fiber masts, aluminum superstructure, and steel hull. This three-masted ship can sail across the Atlantic Ocean without burning a drop of fossil fuel thanks to its regenerative systems. Her technology uses a variable pitch propeller to create electricity by using the yacht’s speed when under sail.

The rate of shaft rotation drops considerably during typical sailing conditions. Yacht owners can also use a permanent magnet electric propulsion motor to maintain it solely for the purpose of recuperating kinetic energy for usage on board or storage. To preserve the energy produced and captured, the Black Pearl also features storage batteries and waste heat recovery technology.


Silent 60: An electric motorcat true to its name

The solar-powered catamaran known as the SILENT 60 represents the future of zero-emissions maritime transport and is merely a precursor to the more sophisticated boats Silent Yachts is already building in the near future. The SILENT 60 yacht lives up to its name with numerous qualities like zero-emission, noiseless cruising, almost no maintenance, the safest marine power system, and the ability to cross the ocean. The SILENT 60 yacht, a more potent, updated iteration of its 64-foot predecessor, was introduced by Silent Yachts in 2021.

Through cutting-edge clean technology, yachting has the potential to achieve unsurpassed levels of independence and luxury in a sustainable way. Solar energy is the only source of power for SILENT-60 yachts. This entails being entirely solar sustainable, having an indefinite range with zero emissions.

A SILENT boat has a virtually limitless range and can travel for weeks without refueling. The electric propulsion of the catamarans and all onboard energy requirements are met by the solar power systems.

Juliet: A sailing superyacht refitted into a hybrid vessel

After a thorough “go greener” refit at her original design, The Juliet was revived. Juliet has recently undergone a hybridization process and is equipped with modern technology. Her new hybrid system has many advantages, including lower fuel usage, peak shaving, silent operation, zero emissions, and shaft-generated power under sail.

Electric propulsion that is driven by either the main engine or alternatively the battery pack or generator will be possible thanks to a brand-new gearbox working with an advanced new electric motor/generator. Juliet will be able to function as a “silent ship” in the interim, thanks to a battery bank. The boat features cutting-edge sustainable operating and energy storage systems to minimize noise pollution, fuel efficiency, and independence.

Artefact: An impressive hybrid megayacht

The remarkable 262-ft Artefact has an eye-catching façade that cleverly utilizes glass, but her environmental credentials are her greatest strength. Built for forward-thinking owners who specifically asked for a boat with a reduced environmental effect, Artefact’s numerous responses to this brief include 248 feet of solar panels and a battery storage technology that enables the yacht to run without its main engines for extended periods of time.

The yacht’s dynamic positioning technology and Azipod propulsion system also make it possible for her to effortlessly maintain her position without using anchors, reducing emissions while also improving efficiency.


REV Ocean: The cleanest superyacht to explore the poles

A cutting-edge research vessel, REV Ocean, is now under development in Norway. Her outstanding facilities will enable her to carry out cutting-edge ocean science as a luxurious floating laboratory.

The yacht’s assets range from a deep-diving submarine to a lecture hall for discussing discoveries, and she has a ton of sustainable features. The build of the hull and propeller of REV Ocean is such that it can go through the water with less resistance and greater efficiency. Thus, the yacht can do its job by using up to 15% less fuel.

This eco-conscious research yacht offers a unique charter experience. Additionally, she will have a lithium-ion battery pack. The yacht operators can use this battery to power the propulsion motors. Consequently, this reduces underwater noise pollution.

Savannah: a massive sustainable superyacht

Savannah is one of the most stunning, hybrid, and state-of-art yachts available for charter. Furthermore, its length is around 274-foot (83.5m). SAVANNAH, the first hybrid yacht, is the epitome of cutting-edge design, fusing flawless, luxurious elegance with Eco-conciseness. The interior of the magnificent yacht exudes contemporary elegance and a tranquil ambiance.

She is the first superyacht to have a streamlined hull design, an azimuth thruster, a propeller, batteries, three gensets, and a single diesel engine. The ground-breaking electro-mechanical propulsion platform combines Feadship’s prior expertise and forward-thinking approach within a wholly original design, offering fuel efficiencies of 30%. The “open” aft deck spaces, an underwater lounge, and a floating superstructure are more examples of innovation.

Soel Senses 48: A yacht fully powered by solar energy

With Soel Senses 48, you can appreciate nature aboard in greater comfort and with complete sustainability. The 48-foot solar-powered electric catamaran runs entirely without fossil fuels. It is thus completely silent.

The solar electric boat was created from the ground up with electric propulsion and excellent efficiency in mind. Indeed, the extremely thin hulls and the lightweight yet sturdy fiberglass construction are undoubtedly important. Of course, they are the contributing aspects to the solar yacht’s exceptional performance. Additionally, the electric propulsion system created for Soel Senses 48 at Naval DC is superior in terms of volume and weight and benefits from more than 13 years of experience. Certainly, the design of this solar-powered boat’s deck area is cozy, spacious, and flexible.

Yersin: A luxury superyacht built with sustainable exploration in mind

The sustainable exploration vessel YERSIN is a true classic go-anywhere vessel. She is a maritime marvel with a commitment to science and discovery with all the pleasures of a contemporary yacht. Furthermore, it has the capacity to house 18 guests. Indeed, it is one of the world’s cleanest and greenest yachts. This well-proven multi-use green boat has been hired for missions overseen, among others, by the famous Explorations de Monaco, as well as for private exploration journeys. This yacht offers a prospective yacht owner a rare chance to purchase a vessel with all the luxury and sustainable features to travel the world carefree. Make a clean journey around the world by sailing anywhere on the seven seas with no trash or rejects.

While demonstrating the most inventive modern technologies, the YERSIN superyacht doesn’t skimp on comfort and grandeur. In some of the best oceans on earth, you can safely maintain dynamic positioning and explore spectacular areas without leaving any footprints on nature.

60 Sunreef Power Eco: an eco-friendly catamaran with 68,6m² of solar panels

Modern, customizable, and eco-friendly, the 60 Sunreef Power Eco is a motoryacht. Additionally, this luxury boat has the newest cutting-edge technology. Consequently, the ship is able to function well and use the least amount of energy possible.

On the 60 Sunreef Power Eco, Sunreef Yachts’ in-house cutting-edge solar power system spans up to 68,6m2 of surface area. Therefore, it increases solar energy production to 13kWp. The solar panels completely integrate the yacht’s hull sides, superstructure, and curved portions.

For silent and vibration-free riding, the 60 Sunreef Power Eco combines cutting-edge electric engines. Notably, dedicated lightweight battery banks power these engines. The 60 Sunreef Power offers a 360° sustainable cruising experience with green features like wind generators and eco-friendly finishing materials.

Use one of the sustainable yachts described above to cruise the oceans without harming the environment. With several businesses offering environmentally friendly yachts, the yachtsman’s dream is now practically a reality. Find the ideal eco-friendly yacht for your family by exploring the best ones available.