The easiest way to adopt a sense of calm in tumultuous times is to dive into the ocean and be awed by its hidden treasures. Here are the top 8 Caribbean diving destinations you should try on your charter yacht.

Whether you are looking for vibrant marine life in spectacular reefs, impressive wrecks, walls, or cenotes, the Caribbean has it all.

The region features top-notch diving infrastructure and marinas, luxury resorts to rest, gourmet restaurants, and lots of activities to enjoy above the water.


Grenada is part of the Lesser Antilles, northwest of Trinidad and Tobago, and southwest of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Sailing in Grenada on a charter boat is a treat and you should try scuba diving in this area if you are a thrillseeker.

Nicknamed the “Shipwreck Capital of the Caribbean,” Grenada offers more than a dozen wrecks to explore. The most famous dive is the “Titanic of the Caribbean.” The real name is M/V Bianca C, a 600-foot boat sitting between 100 and 165 ft of water.

If wreck diving is not your thing, try the Moliniere Underwater Sculpture Park. Created by Jason DeCaires in 2006, the 50 art pieces serve as artificial reefs. The underwater sculptures’ photos are trendy on Instagram.

Among all the Caribbean diving destinations, Grenada is also known for the intense currents created by the Gulf Stream. If you like drift dive, you’ll be satisfied.

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Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda is one of the BVI’s major charter sailing destinations. Perfect for a sailboat vacation, the British Virgin Islands are even better for scuba diving.

Besides the secluded white sand beaches, Virgin Gorda is famous for the “Baths.” They are distinctive granite boulders forming scenic caves that are open to the sea.

Baths Virgin Gorda

Located on the northwest of George Dog, Bronco Billy is one of the most beautiful Caribbean diving destinations sites accessible by rental boat. Many believe this was Jacques Cousteau’s favorite diving spot in the British Virgin Islands. You’ll explore ridges, archways, and canyons covered with colorful coral formations home to flourishing marine life.

One of the most famous scuba diving sites in the BVI is the HMS Rhone. The shipwreck sunk in 1867 just off the shores of Salt Island. Advanced divers can also explore Chikuzen, a vessel sunk in 1981 that has become an aquatic tapestry of multicolored corals and sponges.

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Bonaire is known as the “Diver’s Paradise,” thanks to the establishment of the Marine Park in the 1970s. Around 20 percent of the land and 100 percent of its waters are protected. That is why the tiny island boasts a pristine diving environment. 

Located north of South America, Bonaire is the smallest island of the ancient Netherlands Antilles. It is relatively protected from hurricanes and provides warm and clear waters all year round.

Bonaire Top 8 scuba diving destinations in the Caribbean

There are more than 60 shore diving spots and 20 others accessible by rental boat. The biodiversity is impressive: around 60 species of coral, more than 400 species of fish.

Bonaire is one of the greatest Caribbean destinations to learn to dive. But this Caribbean island also offers excellent wreck. Among the top dive, you should try 1000 Steps, the Hilmer Hooker wreck, Bari Reef.

Explore Karpata, a pristine coral reef sloping down to over 100 ft. The water is teeming with colorful fish, turtle, and eels. The location is perfect for wide-angle photography if you want to test your skill.

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On your St Maarten yacht charter, headsail to Saba for an incredible scuba trip. Known as the Unspoiled Queen, the volcanic island of Saba is a hidden gem with 29 dive sites. 

Paysage marin d'un récif corallien sur le site de plongée Tugboat Saba

As Bonaire, Saba is part of the Caribbean Netherlands, and its reefs are well protected. The list of Saba’s regular visitors includes Whale Sharks, Manta, and Spotted Eagle Rays.

The underwater landscape is different from the other Caribbean island and provides intricate lava tubes, rocky caves, and rock formations. These volcanic structures teem with unexpected wildlife. You’ll encounter a variety of turtles, seahorses, and frogfish.

Fish flocking together at Saba

For night dive, plunge in Tent Reef Wall. There are several mooring lines to explore the area. The sea walls range from 15-50 ft, which makes this location suitable for both beginners and advanced divers. The walls explode with color, tons of coral, many sponges, and an abundance of wildlife. You’ll swim with nurse sharks and the great barracuda.

After your diving trip, you can sail your luxury yacht to St Martin / St Maarten to explore the Caribbean Netherlands.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Located to the south of Cuba, between Jamaica and Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, the Cayman Islands are part of the Greater Antilles. They are a diving nirvana!

You can attempt all types of underwater adventures, from freediving to advanced DPV and rebreather diving experiences. They combined 365 sites, including wrecks, reefs, and sheer walls. Charter a yacht and explore the numerous diving spots!

Grand Cayman Diving.

One of the most popular is Stingray City, where hundreds of southern stingrays are fed squid by hand in 12 ft of water. This easy dive is a “must-do,” but you can also encounter rays in other parts of the Cayman Islands.

During your charter yacht vacations, you can’t miss the USS Kittiwake. Off the coast of Seven Mile Beach, the 251-foot artificial wreck lies in 55 ft of water. Experienced divers can visit the engine room and other parts of the grand vessel.

For a thrilling blue dive head to the world-renowned North Wall. It plunges deeper than 6000 ft beneath the surface. The wall is peaceful and beautiful, and the drop very impressive.


Belize is a Central American country bordered on the northwest by Mexico, on the east by the Caribbean Sea. It is a perfect sailing destination featuring 450 isolated cays, crystal-clear waters, and favorable trade winds. Thanks to its diverse underwater ecosystem, Belize is also one of the best Caribbean diving destinations. 

The Belize Barrier Reef is a diving destination you have to experience once in your lifetime. It is the world’s second-largest barrier reef and a UNESCO World Heritage Center since 1996.

Blue Hole Belize.

Besides the vibrant reef, you have to sail to the Great Blue Hole. It is a gigantic sinkhole measuring 1,000 ft wide and 440 ft deep into the darkness.

In the edged coral reefs, you’ll see plenty of midnight parrotfish, angelfish, and sharks. When you go deeper, you’ll explore stalactites formations in caves formed thousands of years ago when ocean levels were 100 ft lower.

This diving experience should be on your bucket list!


The eastern coast of Mexico is part of the Caribbean Sea, and the Yucatán Peninsula is famous for its diving spots. If you want to see tropical fish, mollusk, and coral, explore the Great Mayan Reef or Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System (MBRS). 

Coral reefs of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef - Mayan Riviera, Mexican Caribbean

The dives combine the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean and the fantastic array of marine life of the reef. There are several protected areas, including Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park.

For a more exotic experience, try cenotes diving. Cenotes are deep sinkholes formed by underwater rivers eroding the limestone caverns. The IMAX film “Journey into Amazing Caves” and many documentaries feature these world-famous rock formations.

Cenote Ponderosa, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Cenotes combine caverns and cave diving. They form an eerie underground river network with stalagmites and stalactites. The sinkholes contain a mixture of fresh and saltwater. They are the home of notable endemic species and provide clean water for the peninsula. These underwater caves are one of the most beautiful ecosystems on the planet. Charter a yacht in Mexico to explore these natural wonders for unforgettable diving experiences.

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Andros, The Bahamas

Located southeast of Florida, Andros is the largest of the Bahamas Islands. Just 15 minutes away from the airport, Small Hope Bay was one of the first Caribbean diving destinations since 1960.

For the marine life lover, there’s the Andros Barrier Reef, the third-largest of its kind. In January, during the full moon, you can see the Nassau grouper gather to spawn their young.

Andros reef - blue hole

Sail your charter catamaran 1 mile offshore and dive in the Tongue of the Ocean, a 6,000 ft deep canyon. It features large populations of schooling reef fishes and sea life. Regarded as one of the top wall dives in the Bahamas, the Andros Wall attracts the larger fish and unusual marine life due to its depth of 90 ft.

Other scuba divers may prefer the blue holes, spectacular caverns both inland and offshore. They have been carved by rainwater and seawater that eroded the limestone during the last ice age. South Andros Island boasts the highest density of Blue Holes in the world. Some blue holes can reach depths of 400’.

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