The covid-19 pandemic surely changed a lot of aspects of our lives. 

Traveling and sailing during the pandemic has been particularly challenging. PCR tests, health screens, and quarantines have been part of our new traveling routine, and have caused a lot of stress and wonders for the ones looking for their next yachting adventure.

If you are a US citizen, chances are you wouldn’t mind escaping the madness for a week or two on a yacht somewhere on a deserted island at the moment. 

Here are the easiest yacht-friendly countries to enter as a US citizen in 2021.

Travel locally : rent a yacht in the US

It’s true, traveling internationally at the moment can be daunting. If you want to keep your chances of being quarantined low, don’t want to hear about PCR, and reduce the organizational burden of your holidays, then there is no place like home.

The US has amazing yacht destinations that should remain open to US citizens in most cases. Renting a yacht in a place such as Florida, Maryland, or even New England is obviously a safe option, especially if you are already fully vaccinated.
That being said, always follow the recommendations of the CDC regardless of your situation.

Mexico : a neighbor with easy requirements for your yacht charter

Access to Mexico is limited to essential travel by land, but tourists can freely come by air.

There are currently no quarantine, no PCR, or vaccine requirements to enter Mexico, making it one of the easiest destinations to travel to in 2021 as an American. As long as you do so by air. 

So it’s possible to travel to Cancun or charter a yacht in La Paz as a US citizen if you want to for your next holiday. 

You will only have to show a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel to enter back in the US.
Keep in mind that Covid-19 rules can change quickly, so check the US embassy website in Mexico to stay informed.

Dominican Republic : a paradise fully open for americans in the Caribbean

Dominican Republic is the only destination in the Caribbean currently 100% open to US citizens, without any restrictions.

You do not need proof of vaccination, a negative PCR test, or quarantine to go on your holidays to the Dominican Republic. You will only have to show that you don’t have any Covid-19 symptoms upon arrival.
Entry requirements are currently different if you come from risky countries with variants of concerns such as India, the UK, or Thailand, where a negative PCR test will be asked. Always check the official website for updates.

Turks and Caicos : light requirements for american yachties

Turks and Caicos is another amazing place to go to without restrictions for American passport holders.

You will have to show a negative PCR test before boarding your flight, along with insurance that covers Covid-19. You will also be required to fill an online health screening questionnaire.

Once you are on your flight, you won’t be asked anything more and won’t have to do any mandatory quarantine or test upon arrival.
Stay up to date with the latest travel recommendations on the Visit Turks and Caicos Islands website.

Bahamas : no quarantine for your next yacht holidays

bahamas travel

The Bahamas has different entry requirements for Americans depending on whether you are vaccinated or not.

If you are vaccinated against Covid-19, then you can enter the Bahamas freely. If you are not fully vaccinated, you will have to show a negative PCR test. 

In all cases, you will not have to do a quarantine. 

Vaccinated or not, you will also have to opt-in for Health Insurance that covers your stay in the Bahamas, which will be included in your Bahamas Travel Health Visa.
For more information, make sure to have a look at the travel updates from the Bahamas official website.

Traveling to the Caribbean : choose your destination carefully


Caribbean is a natural playground for all yacht enthusiasts, and even more for the ones in the US. Most of the countries in the Caribbean remain open to American tourists to some extent, but the requirements aren’t the same.

Some countries will be open to Americans provided they can show negative PCR or proof of vaccination, others will require quarantine, and some are simply closed to tourists at the moment.

Countries open to American tourists with negative PCR test

Currently, the easiest requirements in the Caribbean for US citizens are in the British and US Virgin Islands, Sint Marteen, Puerto Rico, Grenada, and Saint Barth that only require a negative PCR test. For some, proof of full vaccination is even enough.

Countries open to US passports with quarantine in the Caribbean

Some countries in the Caribbeans are open to US citizens, provided they quarantine and show a negative PCR test before departure.

Here are the current destinations with quarantine if you are an American (and come from the US) :

Antigua & Barbuda: up to 14 days depending on health screening on arrival

Barbados: 5 days

Caymans: 14 days 

Dominica: 7 days

Saint Kitts And Nevis: 14 days

Saint Lucia: 14 days

Saint Vincent And The Grenadines: 14 days

Carribean countries closed to US tourists

Montserrat and Trinidad and Tobago are not open to foreign tourists at the moment. Martinique and Guadeloupe require imperative reasons to enter, which by definition exclude touristic stays.

Chartering a yacht in Europe during Covid-19 as a US passport holder

Most European countries are open to US tourists as long as you can show a negative PCR test on arrival or proof of vaccination.

Among the best destinations for yachting such as France, Italy, Greece, or Croatia, none requires you to quarantine.

So if you want to fly across the Atlantic to charter a yacht in Europe, you can do so. Check our dedicated article for entry requirements in Europe for more information. 

It is advisable to keep an eye open on the respective embassy websites to stay informed, entry requirements vary and can vary more in the future, even within the UE zone.


It is now entirely possible to travel outside of the US and charter a yacht in a dreamy destination.

Most of the usual yacht paradises close to the US are still open to Americans, provided a few requirements. The most prestigious destinations in Europe are also an option. 

It does help to be fully vaccinated to access some countries to avoid mandatory PCR tests.

Quarantine remains a mandatory step in some Caribbean countries, but this barrier of entry also means less crowd for the lucky ones able to wait a little longer.

Covid-19 surely changes the way you have to travel, but it shouldn’t deter you from going on a yacht charter if you intend to do so.

Get in touch with us to know more about the best destination based on your situation.