history of Neel Trimarans

The Neel trimaran is an exciting sailing vessel that has revolutionized sailing, making it faster and more efficient than ever before. Built in the renowned Neel trimaran shipyard in France, this trimaran is equipped with a unique design that utilizes three wide hulls connected together as one, making it incredibly stable and able to heel much less than other sailing vessels of comparable sizes- even at higher speeds. It's also capable of surprisingly high speeds due to the lightweight construction of its hulls. The Neel trimaran combines both form and function in order to give sailors an exciting and versatile vessel perfect for all types of sailing needs.

Created by Eric Bruneel, the shipyard NEEL is a creator of cruising trimarans combining innovation, performance, and design. Indeed, the brand's sailboats are unique and unequaled, thanks to the know-how of a team of enthusiasts. The brand is based on 3 critical values: passion, innovation, and safety.

The begining of the construction of the NEEL trimarans  

The brand launched with its first prototype NEEL 50' in 2010, the first ocean-going trimaran. Then it continued to make a name for itself with its famous NEEL 45', its NEEL 65', its magnificent NEEL 51', and finally the LEEN 56', the first trawler trimaran with a hybrid engine. The company is based in La Rochelle, the capital of boating in France, and has surrounded itself with the best equipment and service providers to offer state-of-the-art trimarans.

What makes NEEL brand special? 

Neel trimarans are a combination of advanced technologies and shipyard know-how that make them a unique sailing experience. For instance, they benefit from high-performance rigs, integrated solar energy systems and comfortable interiors with luxurious cabins. This trimaran range also includes advanced design features such as fully glide sliding roofs, dual rudder system and secure storage capabilities. Finally, their deep V hulls offer stability in offshore conditions while providing both plenty of performance and easy maneuvering. Whether you need an ocean crossing trimaran or just the ease of owning one for coastal cruises, Neel trimarans can provide the ideal choice.

What are the material used?

NEEL's use of bio-sourced and recyclable materials is part of the virtuous circle of respect for the environment. The materials used for the models of the brand are fiber, carbon, PVC and PET foams, resins, and gel coats with limited styrene emissions.

Available boats
Catamaran,Sailing yachts

how much does it cost to buy from Neel Trimarans?

You can buy a new trimaran from NEEL From 440 000€ for a NEEL 47' to 2 500 000€ for their power trimaran range LEEN 72' depending on the options chosen.

You can also find second-hand Neel trimaran from 669 000€ to 990 000€ for a NEEL 51.'


Superyacht charter LEEN 72


Neel Trimarans

Asking price

from 249 000 €
Superyacht charter NEEL 65 Evolution

NEEL 65 Evolution

Neel Trimarans

Asking price

from 1 820 000 €

how much does it cost to charter from Neel Trimarans?

NEEL trimaran charter prices range from €3,000 per week for a 40-foot vessel to about €18,000 for a NEEL 51.