Superyacht charter Antigua

Superyacht charter Antigua


The area of Antigua and Barbuda distinguishes itself by its deeply indented coastlines, natural harbors, protective coral reefs and rolling hills, all of which provide a natural and relaxed yet sophisticated 'ambiance'. 
With numerous sandy beaches lined with palm trees, luxury yacht charter in Antigua is the ideal destination. Exploring hidden coves and secluded beaches guarantees a lot of privacy and offers the opportunity to practice a variety of water sports in the most tranquil manner. The hidden underwater treasures and magnificent marine life offer some of the best underwater activities in the Caribbean waters. 
Barbuda offers supreme peace with mile upon mile of secluded pink-shelled beaches. Antigua also offers the finest and most exclusive resorts for your luxury sailing holidays. You may choose from a boutique beach resort to a hotel on a private island for a stop during your sailing holidays or enjoy a stay before or after it. 
State-of-the art shopping centers are located in the capital, St John's and in the waterfront areas of Redcliffe Quay and Heritage Quay. 
Explore the vast heritage and history of Antigua and stop at Nelson's Dockyard on a sunny day. Lord Nelson was based here in the 18th Century, and many of the awe-inspiring buildings have been restored to their former glory. 
For art lovers, Antigua is also home to an extensive colony of artists, which are featured at art galleries in English Harbors and St Johns.

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