Superyacht charter Dodecanese

Superyacht charter Dodecanese


The Dodecanese, lie in a crescent chain down the Turkish coast curving west towards Crete. Several of the islands have an abundance of natural springs, most notably Kos, Samos and Rhodes, which are relatively green and wooded just a perferct place for luxury yacht charter.
Due to a very busy trading route that ran between the Dodecanese and the Turkish coast, these islands reflect an Italian building style. Indeed the Venetians, as traders, sailed through all of the Dodecanese islands and have definitely left their mark behind them. As did the medieval Knights of the Templar, leaving castles and other structures sprinkled throughout this area after retreating to Occidental Europe. 
Typically, luxury yacht charters use Rhodes as an embarcation point due to the regular flights from Athens. From Rhodes, yachts can head North West up the Turkish coast taking the route on the lee side of the islands of Kos and Kalymnos and creeping all the way up to Samos using the many Turkish peninsulas. Other main luxury yacht charter in the Dodecanese are Samos island or Kos island.

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