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With over 18,000 islands, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in Asia, a perfect destination for a luxury yacht charter. The islands to the East of the archipelago (Bali and further East) offer an incomparable richness with some spectacular scenery, a fascinating history, amazing fauna and flora, and untouched diving and snorkeling spots which make this area a true paradise for divers.
Embark on your luxury yacht in Indonesia, often built in the spirit of the traditiononal phinisi boats but with all the modern comforts and luxury. Discover the dragons of Komodo, the sperm whales of Banda, the beaches of white or black (volcanic) sand of Lombok, and the sandalwood forests of Sumba. Dive with dolphins, juvenile manta rays and other inhabitants of the coral reefs. Enjoy a cocktail during your luxury yacht charter in the flaming sunset while relaxing on the deck of your yacht before a candlelit dinner.
With nearly two-thirds of its more than 17,000 islands uninhabited, there is plenty to explore on a luxury yacht charter in Indonesia. At Worldwide Luxury Yacht, our job is to make this exploration so luxurious that you feel thrilled and rejuvenated when you return to your yacht after a day's diving, Komodo dragon watching, and participating in the traditional events related to the exotic and unique cultures of the islands. We provide luxury sailboats, catamarans, and motor yachts for charter in Indonesia. Whether it is an outing with a close group of friends or a large party for executives, we have yachts to treat you royally.

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Superyacht charter Drago


26 000€23 400€ per week
Superyacht charter White Caps

White Caps

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Superyacht charter Zingara


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Superyacht charter Anima Maris

Anima Maris

85 000€80 750€ per week
Superyacht charter Corsario


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Superyacht charter Ocean Vibes

Ocean Vibes

75 000$71 250$ per week
Superyacht charter MARIAH PRINCESS III


70 000$66 500$ per week
Superyacht charter ENDLESS HORIZON


100 000$95 000$ per week
Superyacht charter RELENTLESS II


100 000$95 000$ per week