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Superyacht charter Split Dubrovnik

Split Dubrovnik

A luxury yacht charter in Dalmatia is one of the best ways to enjoy Croatia's coast and the Dalmatian Islands.

Croatia's Dalmatian coastline features a variety of bays and coves, some spectacular sights and natural wonders, and of course, a very friendly and welcoming local community, which all contribute to making this area a world-class destination. Aboard one of our personally selected luxury yachts, you will be able to experience the best of this area in the utmost privacy.

Surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic, Hvar is the new place to be for island lovers. Its sunny harbors are filled with fine yachts from all over the world. Famous for its wine and outstanding restaurants and lovely nightlife, Hvar is a paradise for those who want a relaxing time. Brac, is also exceptionally popular, as one of Croatia's largest islands, it is wild and gorgeous with stunning landscapes, ancient picturesque villages, and beautiful beaches.

So, if your idea of a dream vacation is getting away from the routine to discover this unique and fabulous place-a luxury Croatian yacht is waiting for you. Together, we'll create the perfect Croatian travel vacation for your family and friends, or that special someone in your life, or even help plan your wedding, anniversary or corporate party. If looking for more options, unique sightseeing itineraries and other opportunities are all available with our luxury charters.


24 000€22 800€ per week


19 200 € per week

Navetta 26

42 000 € per week


35 000 € per week

Annabel II

42 000 € per week


100 000 € per week

Rara Avis

38 000€36 100€ per week


39 000 € per week

Love Story

48 000€45 600€ per week


48 500€46 075€ per week


49 500 € per week


57 000€54 150€ per week

Anima Maris

64 000€60 800€ per week


20 000 € per week


36 100 € per week


24 000€22 800€ per week


31 000 € per week

Adriatic Dragon

53 000 € per week

7X Split

72 000 € per week

Smart Spirit I

13 200 € per week

Grand Bleu Vintage

39 000 € per week


39 000 € per week

Rox Star

75 000 € per week

Life is Good

64 000 € per week

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22 000$19 800$ per week


18 900€17 010€ per week


24 000€22 800€ per week