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How to Choose the Best Location for a Greek Island Adventure

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How to choose the best location for a Greek Island adventure

The Greek Islands are a wonderful place to enjoy a Mediterranean holiday. You are pretty much guaranteed great weather, beautiful scenery, tasty food and much more on each one. However, there are more than a thousand islands off the coast of Greece. So, how do you choose the right destination?

When you determine how to choose the best location for a Greek Island adventure, there are different factors to keep in mind. Think about the following questions when choosing the best destination for a Greek island adventure.

  • What type of holiday are you looking for?
  • Which family members are going?
  • How many islands do you want to see?
  • When are you going?
  • How much are you prepared to spend?

What type of holiday are you looking for?

First of all, you need to think about the vibe of the holiday. Are you looking for a fun adventure where you explore as much of an island as possible or something a little more laid back? Those that want adventure should turn to one of the larger islands with plenty to see and explore. You can venture out to traditional villages, learn about the culture, explore the different terrains and rest back at the hotel. If you want something more laid back, a smaller island famed for its beaches and relaxed atmosphere might be a better idea. Antiparos is a great example. This is a little less well-known so shouldn’t have any crowded beaches.

Which family members are going on this vacation to Greece?

This gentle sun, sea and sand approach is great for couples that want to unwind. If this is a break for just the two of you – a nice little couple’s retreat or anniversary trip – you can look at some of the lesser-known, more remote options. However, families with young children may struggle here. This is where you need a more family-friendly island with a bit of everything. Islands such as Naxos are ideal in this scenario. They have great attractions, kid-friendly beaches and restaurant and places for easy souvenirs. The resorts also tend to have enough to keep everyone happy.

How many islands do you want to visit?

One way to keep everyone happy is to hire a yacht charter for the week and explore at your own pace. This creates a homely feel without worrying about kids in hotels. There is also the chance to find less crowded spots and enjoy some water sports. The other benefit of turning to a yacht charter is that you can also hop between islands. This is great for older families and groups of friends that want to see some different locations. For instance, you may have a sister or friend that insists on one night of clubbing in Mykonos in exchange for your suggestion of a nature walk on Ikaria. It also adds a sense of adventure to have your own crew and sail where inspiration takes you.

When do you plan to go on this Greek Island adventure?

Finally, you need to think about the time of year. The obvious answer here is to book a summer vacation on a Greek Island. This is when you will get the best of the weather and the widest variety of packages on offer. Yet, these islands can get hot, crowded and expensive in the height of the season. There are still some destinations with cultural significance and year-round facilities that are great in the quieter seasons. Think about the possibility of an off-season break at a reduced price.

How much are you prepared to spend?

This is an important question that will narrow down your choices of location and resort. If you want a luxury holiday and have a larger budget then you have the chance to travel further. You can make connections to those remote, 5-star regions that other tourists don’t get to see. If you want a simple, budget approach then you need the most accessible, tourist-friendly islands that can provide a good deal.

Plan your holiday carefully, consider the budget and the needs of everyone in your party. Take your time to compare the islands that are affordable and accessible. You may be surprised at the options that are available beyond the most well-known tourist traps.

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