The Greek Islands are beautiful gems in the Mediterranean Sea and the perfect playground for your sailing vacations. Charter a yacht in Greece and you’ll be reward with great weather, beautiful scenery, tasty food, and much more! Each island provides its peculiar taste of paradise.

However, there are around 6,000 islands! So, what is the right destination for your charter yacht cruise?

To help you out, I have a list of different things to keep in mind to select the best location for a sailing trip. These five criteria will help you to plan your Greek yachting experience.

What kind of holiday do you enjoy?

First, you need to think about the vibe of your sailing vacation in Greece. Are you looking for a fun adventure where you explore as much island as possible or something more relaxing?

Do you want to enjoy lazy days spent drifting to nowhere in particular, or do you have a tight schedule to visit specific islands? Are you interested in what you can experience from the water, or are the land options just as important to you?

Those that want thrilling activities should sail to the larger islands with plenty to see and explore as Crete. You can venture out to traditional villages, learn about the culture, and discover historical sites and archaeological artifacts. The list of hiking areas and diving spots with blue cave and shipwreck is also endless. After a day of adventures, you can rest on your luxury charter yacht.

If you need something more tranquil, try smaller islands famed for the remote beaches and laid-back atmosphere. Antiparos is a great choice. You can also moor up in a secluded bay and dive in straight from your luxury charter yacht to avoid any crowded stretches of sand.

Are you sailing with family members or friends?

Are you looking for a few days at sea with your loved one? You can rent a catamaran for a romantic getaway and cruise in the middle of the Mediterranean in the most transparent water. Hop from idyllic islands to charming pastel-hued towns. Sail at your own pace anywhere you want.

For your honeymoon or an anniversary celebration, you can also charter a crewed yacht and let the team taking care of everything. The Sunseeker’s NO.9 is a gorgeous vessel for your trip.

You can unwind and sip champagne while admiring fabulous sunset over Greek volcano. There are plenty of lesser-known islands and remote coves to visit on your little couple’s retreat.

For a more upbeat cruise with friends, there are islands famous for their nightlife and party beaches. We can help you to plan big celebrations and customized sailing holidays in the Greek islands.

Taking a vacation under sail with children can be a fantastic way to bond as a family. On your charter yacht, you can explore with them new beaches every day, enjoy a new adventure in turquoise waters and fall asleep under the stars.

But it can also make sailing adventures more complicated. That is why your cruise should include some family-friendly islands with a bit of everything for every need. Sail to Naxos, which have great attractions and kid-friendly beaches. The resorts also tend to have enough to keep everyone happy. 

How many islands do you want to visit?

Do you want to cruise from island to island, or do you prefer a circular route returning to your starting harbor? Each Greek island has its unique character, and some have plenty to offer for a week-long vacation. Whatever you choose, you’ll have to come back to Greece for a sailing holiday.

You also have to keep in mind that each type of boat provides some advantages and inconveniences. Charter a catamaran to glide on the waves while the sail gently strains in the mild winds of the warm Ionian.

Rent a motor yacht as the Meya Meya if you want to navigate on schedule and quickly cover more distance. Make sure to discuss the route with your skipper to plan your customized cruise.

Moreover, your sailing itinerary depends on the other members on board, and you’ll have to negotiate to accommodate everyone. For instance, you may have a sister or friend that insists on one night of clubbing in Mykonos in exchange for your suggestion of a hike in Ikaria’s natural splendor. 

Whatever route you have in mind, remember that it is highly unlikely to pan out exactly as you imagine it because the weather can change everything. So, the most critical question is how many hours do you want to sail per day? Talk to our specialist to discover all the options you have to tailor your sailing vacations in Greece.

When are you sailing in the Greek Islands?

The Mediterranean Sea is blessed with warm weather all year round. Since the sea occupies two-third of the Greek territory, you have a vast playground for yachting. But the price and the facilities are different depending on the season. 

From July to the beginning of September, it is the peak season with more tourists and higher prices. An off-season charter yacht in the Cyclades islands can be very rewarding. But you have to take into account that very little is open in the Southern Aegean between October and Easter. 

The season in the Ionian is shorter, but you can enjoy great weather from mid-May to mid-October. These Greek islands are less crowded in June and September. The Peloponnese coast is less seasonal and boasts numerous archeological sites to visit as Athens, Corinth, or Mycenae.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for promotion and off-season package!

How much do you want to spend on vacation?

Depending on your budget, the choice will be more or less critical. If you want a luxury holiday for 2-weeks sailing, you can travel further. You can make travel to those remote islands and off-track areas that other tourists don’t get to see.

You can invest a smaller budget and choose a one-week sailing vacation. Then, you may select the most accessible, tourist-friendly islands that can provide a good deal.

Whatever you are looking for, we can help you to prepare an unforgettable yachting experience tailored to your needs and budget. You may be surprised by what we can advise you. We are sailing enthusiasts and charter specialist for more than 20 years: we know the region and what can please you the most.