It is preferable to make a yacht rental reservation six months in advance to give yourself the most alternatives. A few benefits exist in this situation. If a vessel of your choice is scheduled to travel to a specific location, you will probably be able to choose that vessel. The financial component comes in second. The fact that you have this much time to negotiate means that you should be able to find a fair price.

When traveling during a popular season, seasoned charter yachts reserve their dockage 8-10 months in advance. Consequently, you’ll know the yachts planned to be chartered in a particular location. Here is a complete guide on how and why you should book a yacht charter in advance.

Why is booking your yacht charter early important?

The yachting season only last a few months per destination

Because there are only two major chartering seasons each year, it is best to reserve a yacht charter well in advance to ensure that you can secure the right yacht with a nice crew for your yachting destination.

The weather and water conditions determine which season it is – summer or winter. Summer is the most favored time to visit Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. During the winter yacht charter season, the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, and Florida are the most popular destinations.

Alternatively, the terms “high season” and “low season” describe the busier and slower periods of the yachting year. The summer and winter seasons are when they both reach their peak. The busiest times of the year wintertime to charter a boat are around Christmas and New Year. As opposed to this, the summer months of July and August are the busiest in the northern hemisphere. A yacht’s availability is typically more constrained and expensive during these seasons. It is, therefore, best to reserve a boat charter far in advance.

The number of yachts available in a given destination is limited

There is a high demand for yachts during the peak chartering seasons. Consequently, it may be difficult to find a charter yacht of your choice.

Additionally, for a particular yachting destination there are a limited number of yachts available. Importantly, as per a report, globally there are only 2900 yachts available for charter. Which means that during peak yachting seasons, there can be a lot of hassles in finding a yacht for charter. So, the best way to get your hands on your favorite yacht is to start browsing for one at least 6 months before.

The yachting season brings the prices up.

Waiting for the last moment to book a yacht charter for your sailing or yachting vacation can burn a hole in your pocket. It is because the yachting season will definitely lead to a hike in the price for booking a yacht charter. Moreover, keep in mind that the price for booking a yacht charter during the low season can be 10 to 15% less in comparison to that of the high season. Thus, booking a yacht charter in the low season can help you get a great deal.

General rules for when you should book your yacht holidays

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Avoid booking your yacht charter when everybody else does

Yacht charters are one of those things that you shouldn’t skimp on in life. There are many different types and sizes of yachts, but generally, the best and most recent models get booked quickest. It’s crucial to plan and reserve your yacht early for this reason. Avoid making a yacht charter reservation at the same time as everyone else, book in advance, and check with your broker the right time to secure your dream yacht.

Book your yacht charter one year in advance for a broad choice of yachts

Starting to plan your yachting vacation at least a year before enables you to browse many yacht options. A smaller selection of yachts will be available the longer you wait. The most sought-after yachts on the charter market won’t be available. Booking as soon as possible is highly advised if you have particular specifications regarding the crew, equipment, layout, model, or the newest yachts available. As you might expect, reservations for the greatest and most recent yachts fill up first.

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Book 8 months in advance to get the best price.

You’ll save a ton of money and worry by making an early yacht reservation, at least 8 months in advance. It can be a good idea to take advantage of sales throughout the winter to get the boat of your dreams that might otherwise be out of your price range.

High risk-high reward: book a few days before to get last-minute deals

The selection is much narrower when taking advantage of last-minute deals, yet it ends up being incredibly alluring. Nevertheless, you should be aware that finding the yacht of your dreams isn’t always possible. You must, in fact, select an item from the remaining options in the location where you want to begin your cruise.

Best time to book a yacht charter per destination

Book your yacht charter in July to spend a few weeks in the Caribbean in the next winter

The Caribbean winter yachting season lasts from November to April, in contrast to the snow and cold many of us endure throughout the year. The month of July is the ideal time to book a yacht charter in the Caribbean. It gives you time to pick up a nice yacht, ask for relocation in the island of your choice. Also, for yachts doing Mediterranean and Caribbean season usually owners already made up their mind whether their boat will cross the following season. It’s a matter of booking at the right period, not too much in advance but not too late. This is why your broker will be of great advice.


Book your yacht charter in March if you want to spend your Christmas / New Year’s Eve on a yacht in the Seychelles

The best way to ensure that you spend your Christmas and New Year’s Eve on a yacht in the Seychelles is to book a yacht charter in March. This way, you can get your dream yacht.

Book your yacht in January for a summer yacht charter in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is one of the world’s most well-liked summer yacht charters destinations. It’s a large cruising area with endless opportunities for adventurous travelers, ending at the Cinque Terre of Italy from the French Riviera, the Dalmatian coastline, to the Ionian Islands. A fantastic yachting experience in the Mediterranean is assured by the region’s abundance of sun, sea, wonderful food, upscale beach clubs, outstanding art, and intriguing ancient monuments. The type of boat charter you have done will affect your entire yachting experience. You must reserve the yacht of your choosing at the best possible rate. Thus, booking a summer yacht charter in January is the best way to achieve this.

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Between November and April is the ideal season to travel to and lease a yacht in the Maldives or Seychelles. The two monsoon seasons that occur in the Indian Ocean have an impact on wind speed, direction, and humidity. Therefore, if you want to go on a yachting vacation to the Maldives or Seychelles, you should ideally book a yacht charter around May.

French Polynesia, Tahiti

Tahiti will win your heart because of its renowned romantic landscape, which makes for the ideal honeymoon backdrop. It is ideal for traveling to Tahiti during the dry season, which runs from May to September. Beginning in December or January, start your yacht charter search. Make plans so that you can reserve a yacht charter by January.


Thailand is best enjoyed by boat due to its stunning coastline, magnificent beaches, and clean waters. You’re in luck because sailing is possible year-round on the island. As a result, warm, sunny days are expected virtually all year long. Most of the year, Thailand experiences warm waters, bright days, and clear skies. However, since the other months have a small probability of light showers, the optimum period to launch your boats is from October to April.

But the rain usually stops after an hour or two, bringing back the beautiful skies. To plan a trouble-free yachting vacation in Thailand, reservations for a yacht charter should ideally be made at least a few weeks in advance. Nevertheless, you can also book a yacht right away during the off-peak season (June to September).

Stop Wasting Time and Book your Favorite Yacht Charter Now!

Private yacht chartering is among the simplest and most exciting methods to travel to off-the-beaten-path locations. Find yachts as soon as you know the particular dates for your yacht charter. At least six to eight months prior to the intended departure date, start looking for yacht charters. To find the greatest deal, look through as many possibilities as you can. Additionally, making an early yacht charter reservation will reduce stress and last-minute hassles and promises a smooth yachting vacation.