What is a Military Superyacht?

A military superyacht is a large, 150- to 200-feet yacht. Thus, it can easily accommodate at least 6 passengers apart from a decent-sized crew. So, a superyacht can easily host 10 or more people. A military superyacht is a large ship that also can carry military planes. It usually is equipped with a large, flat surface for these planes to take off and land from.

Why are Military Style Superyachts Popular?

Of late, there has been a new trend amongst the rich and famous. This is to own large superyachts well-e quipped with the latest in marine and military technology. It is apparently due to the fear of pirates in the oceans. People owning such superyachts feel that they are in danger from these untoward marine elements.

There have been recent reports of piracy being reported in the waters off the Somalian coast. Now, many believe that ocean piracy is now not merely restricted to the Gulf of Aden. It is actually spreading its tentacles everywhere in the deep, dark ocean waters.

These military superyachts come well-equipped with hidden chambers, escape pods, and tracking devices. Originally, these were all features that military vessels had for their safety. Additionally, the security guards on these superyachts are all ex-marines. Obviously, it seems that the wealthy are pulling out all the stops to equip their superyachts against dangers in the sea, particularly piracy. Moreover, this is true for all those who have expensive artwork, furniture and keep large quantities of cash and other valuables on their yachts.

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The Best Military-Styled Yachts

Bleu de Nimes: The 72m Navy Ship That Became a Superyacht

Originally called Lodestone, the Bleu De Nimes is an elegantly furnished and spectacular-looking superyacht. It is built in steel, and its hull is more than 72 m long. She was formerly a warship and became this magnificent superyacht after considerable refit work had been carried out on her. As part of this refit, it received an extension of 16 m to her.

The chief architecture firms behind this superyacht were Admiralty and Penta Ned. They took great care to preserve the original exterior lines and style during its makeover. Vittorio Cerruti, who designed the interiors of the Bleu de Nimes, had done the earlier interiors too. This superyacht comes with resplendent woodwork complemented by furniture in soothing cream, so the overall vibe seems welcoming and luxuriant at the same time. The parquet flooring further adds to the ship’s homely, inviting charm.

This luxury superyacht meant for long-distance expeditions comes fully equipped to pamper its guests and make them comfortably cushy and at home. At a time, 18 guests along with 21 crew members can comfortably ride this megayacht. Amongst its more attractive features are a communications satellite, fitness-sauna-massage rooms-jacuzzi with an indoor theater, and an array of water toys.

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Kudanil the Ultimate Luxury Adventure Charter in Indonesia

The Kudanil is the first exploration yacht in Indonesia to have private balconies in each cabin. Previously a safety standby vessel, it underwent refitting and then converted into this 50-meter exploration superyacht. This superyacht marries elegance and luxury to safety and reliability, allowing passengers aboard this yacht to experience adventure right from the word go. Built in 1978, it can travel to a speed of 14 knots.

The Kudanil Explorer comes with eight sumptuous suites that can accommodate 16 guests. There is room for up to 21 crew members too, all of whom will ensure your stay is delightfully luxurious. This superyacht travels through all important ports in Indonesia and allows you breathtaking sights and vistas on its routes. You can also explore the magnificent underwater using the various water toys it has, like the jet ski, kayak, scuba gear, snorkeling equipment, waterski, and more.

Apart from two stylishly decorated dining saloons, the Kudanil boasts a spa and jacuzzi and comes with satellite TV in the saloons and regular TV in the cabins. Plus, there are several water toys to go exploring beneath the surface of the sea.

Former regatta yachts turned into superyachts

Baracuda Valletta

If cruising the waters around Greece has been on your bucket list, then this superyacht is ideal for you. The well-known Italian shipyard Perini Navi built it in 2009. This splendidly luxurious sailing yacht boasts 1 owner cabin plus 2 twin and 2 double cabins. Fully air-conditioned, this comes with satellite communication and wifi. It can accommodate 10 guests in total. All of its cabins come with ensuite bathrooms.

Its designer John Pawson is a firm believer in minimalism. As a result, you see luxury and cushy comfort in the clean, minimal lines of the interiors of this sailing yacht. The windows are designed to allow natural light within and also to offer panoramic views of the places passing by. The aft of this superyacht has a great, wide-open space to launch tenders and allow people to swim.

Rent this luxurious superyacht and have a great ocean ride across either the Mediterranean in the summer or places like the British Virgin Islands, Saint Lucia, and Saint Martin in the winter. It operates in all ports in and around Greece. Its water toys include fishing gear, stand-up paddle boards, a kayak, snorkeling, and waterski, among others.


Mamy Wata

Come join us aboard the Mamy Wata for a great cruise around the Mediterranean, France, and Corsica. This is an approximately 20-1/2 meter luxury sailing yacht designed for up to 6 guests and a couple of crew members. She was built in 2018 by CNB Bordeaux in France. Her designers are Jean Marc Piaton and Rafael Bonet.

She comes equipped with 3 magnificent bedrooms for her guests. You can use her cockpit on the main deck for sunbathing.

This superyacht comes with numerous features that aim to please and delight its guests. From C-shaped sofas and elevated tables for dining outdoors to a deck shower and swim platform at the rear end, she has everything you might desire when on a cruise. There is also a place to scuba dive at the front end. Its cockpit contains a small refrigerator for cool drinks as well as a bimini canopy to protect its guests from the sun.

The accommodations consist of one master suite and a double cabin, and one twin cabin. All come with ensuite bathrooms and have regular furniture like a double bed, desk, and closet. The master suite also comes with a comfy armchair.

The crew can take care of each and every one of the guests’ needs. The Mamy Wata operates in the European ports of Monaco, Milan, and Barcelona, among others.


The Dharma is a roomy 29-meter crewed luxury superyacht that guarantees its prestigious guests a lovely time relaxing and unwinding aboard it. It was launched in 2005 and remodeled in 2017. It is actually a Southern Wind superyacht with full climate control apart from a range of facilities for guests and water sports equipment.

This superyacht comes with a neat outer appearance consisting of clean lines and straight dimensions. This reflects its powerful sailing capabilities perfectly. Its sleek and chic interior design by Nauta Yachts ensures guests have a perfect time relaxing in it. It has a master stateroom, two double cabins (one of which comes with an extra Pullman sleeper), and one single cabin. This luxury sailing yacht can accommodate up to 8 passengers and 4 crew members in total.

The Dharma Southern Wind travels from the Mediterranean to Italy and Sicily. Sicily is the port it operates from. Inside, apart from the cabin quarters, she has a huge, spacy salon with sofas, a flatscreen TV, and a modern eating room. Her interiors are all done up in transparent wood for that dream effect and light, breezy textiles.

There is an alfresco eating area outdoors on the aft deck. The foredeck contains a big, comfortable solarium.

Grand Bleu Vintage

Welcome aboard the Grand Bleu Vintage, a luxury superyacht meant to pamper and indulge the senses of every guest that experiences great ocean cruising atop it. With an almost 30-meter length and a maximum speed of up to 14 knots, its silent motor is nevertheless a powerful beast in the ocean. Its 4 cabins can comfortably house 8 guests. There are also 4 crew members who take care of every wish and whim of the guests.

Charter Bleu de Nimes

This luxury superyacht travels pretty much all across the world. Its destinations include as far-flung regions as Thailand and Singapore in the far east to the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic in the west. You can find numerous glamorous areas like Corsica, Mexico, Maldives and Sardinia, and Venice in Europe to explore. These are but a few destinations out of a large and interesting list of places.

Aboard this superyacht, its central cockpit is a favorite place for guests to lounge on and relax. Then, there is also a salon that comes with mirrored windows offering spectacular views outside.

Satellite communication, fax, and email are among some of the amenities that guests can enjoy. Its salon also offers DVD, TV, and Hifi. Its water sports equipment includes fishing gear, 2 kayaks, snorkeling, and tender and wakeboard equipment.


With a speed of 37 miles per hour, military superyachts are vessels with a length of at least 79 feet (24 meters) or more. A premium boat should be at least as long as a tennis court. Many of these ships are known to be commercially managed military luxury yachts that need a large number of crew members. The workforce looks after the owner’s various moving components as well as his family and friends’ interpersonal requirements.

So, experience true independence while cruising in unmistakable elegance. A lifetime of adventure awaits you onboard the world’s most luxurious superyachts, each meticulously designed with the finest facilities.

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