Finding the best super yacht to charter is always a tedious task. Luxury yachts all have these little attributes and features that make them special. If you need a bit of inspiration for your next superyacht charter, here is our list of the 20 best superyachts to charter in 2023.

Christina O: a superyacht filled with history

Christina O is one of the most renowned superyachts in the world available for charter. While the vessel started as a Canadian military boat and was even deployed during WW2, it is in between Aristote Onassis’ hands that the yacht truly became an icon. Onassis refitted entirely this yacht and transformed it into a true superyacht filled with an absurd abundance of luxury.

If this wasn’t enough, the yacht also became historic thanks to the prestigious guests that came onboard during the excentric Onassis era. Frank Sinatra, Elisabeth Taylor, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy or even Winston Churchill have been among Christina O famous passenger’s list.

The capacity of Christina O is remarquable: it can host up to 34 passengers, 38 crew members and hold parties of up to 250 guests.

Christina O is a piece of history. If you want to charter a superyacht where the most famous and powerful people on the planet once stayed, then this is clearly a yacht for you.

Parsifal III: the perfect modern sailing yacht

Parsifal III is a 54m sailing yacht built by the Italian shipyard Perini Navi. It can host up to 12 guests in 5 luxurious cabins.

Parsifal was designed with luxury and pure sailing sensations in mind. The interior design is filled with dark ebony woodwork and fine leather that gives it a distinguished and warm feeling. COntrary to most sailing yachts, the interiors are open with big rooms that allows you to have 360° views regardless of where you are located.The deck is huge and offers plenty of space for sunbathing, dining or even enjoying the jacuzzi.

True sailors love chartering Parsifal III. Actually, the yacht was chartered all year round the first few years, so the owner barely had time to use it.

Parsifal III is often considered a game changer in the sailing superyachts segment. Charter it around the Mediterranean sea in summer or in the Caribbean in winter and you will most likely understand where this reputation comes from.

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Vicky: a 60m superyacht that can’t go unnoticed

Vicky is a very large superyacht built by the Baglietto shipyard. Her 60m long and five luxurious cabins give you plenty of space for you and your loved ones. On board, the design is minimalist and elegant, with plenty of rooms to relax, including a jacuzzi or even a gym.

If you are planning on chartering a superyacht in Europe to sail around Corsica and Sardinia, then Vicky should definitely be on your list.

Bleu de Nîmes: a military style vessel refitted into a superyacht

Bleu de Nîmes is not your typical superyacht. This vessel used to be a warship built in the UK for the Royal Marine Auxiliary services, until it was sold to a private owner in 1996. After several refits (including the last one in 2020), some that lasted for years, this ship finally became this unique 72m superyacht.

From the outside, she is still looking like a military vessel. But from the inside, it’s all about comfort, elegance and timeless designs.

If you like military vessels, crazy refit stories and wooden interiors, then you can’t go wrong by picking Bleu de Nîmes for your next super yacht charter.

Roma motor yacht: a superyacht that’s got it all

Roma is the kind of superyacht that has something for everyone. Her 62 m long offer plenty of space to its 12 guests and 18 crew members. Her design, both inside and outside, is very elegant and modern. 

Roma is also equipped with loads of entertainment on board such as a jacuzzi,a gym and even a cinema.When it comes to toys, you can use waverunners, seabobs, kayaks and many more. 

If you plan on sailing on a superyacht that can please everyone, then Roma is a very good pick.

La Pellegrina: charter a performance superyacht

La Pellegrina is a luxury yacht that can host up to 12 guests and 10 crew. This superyacht is built with carbon fibre and kevlar hull which gives her impressive performances for a 50m yacht.

While the outside is very racy and elegant, the inside is very warm and bright, with plenty of windows to let the light inside and to benefit from the view wherever you are. A gym, a jacuzzi, extended sun deck and outside dining areas are also part of the highlights of this superyacht.

If you plan on sailing around the Mediterranean and you are looking for a modern superyacht, you may have found the one.

Hanikon: a perfect superyacht to charter with family

Hanikon is a 50m motor yacht built by Feadship. It can host 12 guests on board, and the same number of crew.

This superyacht is the perfect example of a luxury yacht with a family-friendly set up. Onboard, adults and children can enjoy all the entertainment: jacuzzi, gym, video on demand or even barbecue. When it comes to toys, it can come with waverunners; seabobs, waterskis, snorkelling equipment or inflatable toys. 

If you are looking for a superyacht that feels homey to cruise the Mediterranean with your family this summer, then Hanikon might be for you.

Ohana: a stunning sailing superyacht to charter

The world of superyacht isn’t limited to motor yachts. If you are a true romantic or a real sailing purist, rest assured that it’s entirely possible to mix luxury and sailing experience. Ohana is a 49.7m sailing yacht that doesn’t seem to have any issue with that.

Ohana is every sailor’s dream. From the outside, she looks like a performance sailing yacht, which she is, as she won several regattas. But from the inside, she is even more surprising with its very elegant interiors and generous living space with plenty of lights.

Ohana is a sailing yacht that can be chartered all year round. In the Mediterranean during the summer, and in the Caribbean during the winter. A great way to discover in style both of these regions.

Lucky Lady: the superyacht with the best master cabin

In most superyachts on this list, the master cabin is very spacious and very luxurious. But still, the owner’s suite from Lucky Lady is a standout.

While the yacht itself is already very impressive with her 62m, her 10 guests capacity in the utmost luxury, her outside living spaces and jacuzzi, waking up from the owner’s suite is something very special. An entire deck is dedicated to this suite with a stunning 270° view facing the ocean. It also includes a private bathroom and even an office.

Lucky Lady is the yacht you need if you want to feel privileged, especially if you plan on staying in the master suite during your superyacht charter.

Mary Jean II: a great playground for your superyacht charter

Mary Jean II is a very generous 61.7m yacht built by the Italian shipyard ISA. She can host up to 12 guests and 15 crew members.

The dining and social areas are a true standout on this yacht and are available on all three levels. If you are an outdoor enthusiast that doesn’t like to stay inside too long while sailing, you will be blessed. Don’t worry, the inside is still everything you can expect from a superyacht this size and is simply filled with luxury and entertainment.

Mary Jean II is available in Summer in the Mediterranean and in winter in the Caribbean, so you can enjoy this beauty all year round.

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Exuma: the adventurous superyacht

Exuma is a 50m superyacht that was built with one objective in mind: exploring remote corners safely while leaving a footprint as discreet as possible.

The result is a yacht that look like no other, that is adventure-ready while keeping all the luxurious characteristics that makes her a superyacht. Even the toys reflect the ambitions of this yacht with unusual amphibious 4×4 that are clearly made to discover uncharted territories.

Exuma can be chartered for 9 to 11 guests depending on the configuration.

Grayone: the floating apartment

Grayone might not be the longest yacht on this list with its 24m, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy huge space onboard. Thanks to its two hulls, this luxury catamaran make you feel like you are in a spacious apartment rather than sailing the ocean.

If you are looking for a great catamaran for your next luxury yacht charter, then Grayone might be worth looking at.

Figi: a compact superyacht with caracter

Figi is a motor yacht that is hard to miss when you are in a harbour. With her red hull and flybridge, she has a distinctive style that surely can pack a punch.

But Figi is not only a beauty, she is also a performance motor yacht. Her 30m long makes her relatively light so that she can reach a maximum speed of 32 knots, and can cruise at a comfortable speed of 25 knots. The interior of Figi is very cosy and family friendly.

Figi is the sort of superyacht that doesn’t compromise on anything.

Germania nova: a true classic sailing yacht

Germania Nova is the sort of sailing yacht that can make you nostalgic. With its timeless design, its nearly 60m long and its 12 crew to accommodate your sailing experience, Germania Nova is clearly not a yacht that you forget.

If you are looking for a unique sailing yacht, with classic look and feel inside out, then you should clearly have a look at Germania Nova. And if you are browsing for a classical sailing yacht to buy, you are in luck as Germania Nova is also for sale. 

Thalima: a sailing performance and luxury superyacht

For many years, sailors had to make a compromise between luxury on board and performances. Superyachts were either fast but less luxurious, or luxurious but less fast. Thalima is a new breed of sailing yachts that comes with one objective: have the luxury of the superyacht segment with the performances of a racing sailboat.

If you are looking for speed, exhilarating feelings while enjoying comfort during your yacht charter, then Thalima is a yacht worth considering.

Red Dragon: a racy and luxurious sailing yacht

Red Dragon is a superyacht that is also on this list of new generation sailboats that try to optimise both speed and luxury on board.

If you like sleek outside designs, minimalist and bright interiors and pure sailing sensations, then you might like Red Dragon. Her 51m can accommodate 8 guests in the Mediterranean during summer season and in the Caribbean in the winter season.

Alcor: a perfect motor yacht to charter as a family

Alcor is a 35m yacht that has a lot to offer to family and friends charter. This yacht can host 12 guests in her six cabins, and up to 6 crew to take care of your yacht charter. The living areas are spacious, both inside and outside, and guarantee plenty of relaxing time, regardless of what your plans are.

Many toys can be included on board: waverunners, wakeboard, waterski, inflatable toys or even scuba diving equipment.

A small superyacht with a big capacity and plenty of entertainment to offer.

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Tiara: the gulet superyacht for romantics

Tiara is a 55m gulet yacht built by Alloy Yachts. It can host up to 10 guests in 5 cabins and up to 10 crew.

With its aluminium hull and its racy design, Tiara is the perfect choice for the ones looking for true sailing experience. But don’t be fooled by its look. Tiara is also a real superyacht with a huge deck space, perfect for sunbathing, and cosy classic wooden interiors that makes her particularly warm.

If you want to cruise the Caribbean in a classic fashion, then you can’t go wrong with chartering Tiara.

Drumbeat: a stunning ketch to charter

Drumbeat is another beauty from the Alloy Yachts team. A 53m long sailing yacht that is made to make you experience sailing in the most classic and distinguished way.

Drumbeat offer plenty of space, both on the deck and in its cosy interiors, so that it’s always a privilege to be onboard. The luxury is everywhere and is associated with performances that you rarely see on superyachts.

If you are looking for a home away from home that will give you true sailing sensations in the Mediterranean or in the Caribbean, then do not miss Drumbeat.

Regina: a classic and timeless superyacht

Regina is a classic and timeless super sailing yacht that can host up to 12 guests and 9 crew.

With the teak taking such a big part of the interiors as well as the deck, Regina is a real feast for the eyes that will truly leave you speechless. Clearly, chartering Regina is an experience for the ones looking for the roots of sailing and the luxury of classic yachts that have been tastefully refitted. If that is how you like to sail, then you can’t be disappointed by Regina.