How much service do you want?

Your wants and needs. This is what the Yacht Charter experience ladder is all about. Each tier offers a different level of service and each level of service has a cost! 

However, it is not just about money, it also has to do with the Yachting experience you wish.

Are you a skilled sailor? You may want the freedom to cruise at your own pace and feel the thrill of the open water. Then, bareboat chartering is for you. 

How do you picture yourself and your friends on the boat? Chilling out, having fun and not having any tasks to do? Then, crew is a must. It will help you ensure that you have a relaxing and leisurely cruise. Your charter cruise experience must go hand in hand with exclusive and remarkable service?  Including the very best gourmet cuisines even in the most remote locations? We will handpick for you the crew with the best sailing experience and five-star hospitality skills.

As we have seen, everybody has his own Yachting style and it’s all for the better!  Now, let’s line up some figures. WLY Experts Team has listed for you the kind of service experience you can get for each tier of yachting spending.

TIER 1: from 1 500€ to 4 000€ – Bareboat Charter

A bareboat charter is the renting of a boat from 10 to 16 m without the crew or captain. The agreement is for the boat only. Neither does it include supplies nor any other provisions. The charterer has the complete responsibility for the vessel and its operation. In other words, a bareboat charter means complete freedom and exclusive privacy! If you are an experienced sailor and want to choose where to sail for your holiday, then a bareboat charter is what you need.

TIER 2: from 3 500€ to 10 000€ – Skippered Charter

 A skippered charter is an excellent option for those who are not so skilled sailors, don’t have a license or are into a full relaxation mode. The skipper will navigate the yacht through your selected destinations. Yes, the choice is yours! Most of the skippers have traveled across the same waters several times. Therefore, not only do you get an experienced pilot, but you also get a guide. Nevertheless, as the “charterer” you remain the responsible person. Remember you also have to provide your skipper with a separate cabin and food and drinks for each day of your charter.

TIER 3: from 6 800€ to 20 000€ – Charter + Skipper + Hostess

Hiring both a Skipper and a Hostess is the right choice if you want a truly carefree and relaxing sailing holiday. Whilst the Skipper, in charge of the navigation, is there primarily for your safety, the Hostess is there entirely for your comfort. General cleaning, groceries shopping and simple but tasty meals preparation are the key tasks of the hostess. More broadly, the hostess is dedicated to make your journey comfortable and easy-going.

If you are interested by this kind of service, our ultimate choice is ZYLKENE 1.

She is available in the Caribbean and her 2 crew deliver top notch service.

More info here.

TIER 4: from 30 000€ to 55 000€ – Crewed charter Captain + Chef + Hostess + Deck-hand (3-4 crew members) 

Tier 4, the crew team is expanding! We find the Skipper and the Hostess, whose functions have been described above. A new character appears. Not just a cook but a Chef who will prepare the finest dishes to enhance your Yacht charter experience. The Crew team is sometimes supplemented with a deck-hand whose role is to assist with on board operations, maintain the exterior of the boat and supervise guests during water sport activities and excursions on land.

If you are looking for a sailboat type for a crewed charter we suggest you to charter DHARMA in Italy.

More info here.

TIER 5: from 50 000€ – from 5 crew members: Luxury crewed charter : Captain, Engineer, Chef, several hostesses, dive-master, deck-hands…

Charter yachts come in all sizes and, of course, carry all numbers of crew. With TIER 5 we upgrade to an upper level: luxury cruises with outstanding service. La crème de la crème of the Yacht charter experience. Here the Chef is more than just talented. The very best gourmet cuisines are served and every bite is tailor-made to perfection. As always, thanks to the preference sheet the guests complete before embarking, the favorite food, drinks and any dietary requirements will be considered to make sure that the cuisine on-board will be nothing less than perfect. Dining is one of the most important pleasures of a luxury yacht charter vacation!

Among the newcomers of Tier 5, the engineer, ultimately responsible for not only every system aboard, but the safety of those aboard as well. We also have the dive master. Many of the most beautiful destinations in the world are also home to gorgeous marine life that can only truly be experienced through scuba. Therefore, scuba diving is a wonderful addition to any crewed charter vacation and a dive master will ensure that guests are getting the best experience possible.

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If you are looking for one of our luxury yachts, we suggest CORSARIO in Croatia or SEQUOIA in Indonesia.

More information about Corsario here.
More information about SEQUOIA here.

To conclude: no matter which Yacht you charter, the crew will always be the key factor in turning your holiday into the trip of a lifetime!

Hints & Tips

One of the FAQs is, “how many crew members do I need?”. The answer depends basically on 3 factors: 1- the guest’s level of sailing experience, 2- the size of the charter Yacht, 3 -the level of luxury and service expected. From 9 to 10 guests, we strongly recommend a minimum of 3 crew members to make sure you have a comfortable and pleasurable experience. One has to keep in mind that the crew is on board 24/7 and at the service of the guests almost 20 hours a day! 

Just like for life on land, excellent service contributes to the experience and generally results in a generous gratuity. In general, the appropriate crew tipping range is 10 to 15 % of the base charter fee. Tips are usually given in cash to the Captain for the whole crew. If there is an APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance), the funds remaining after the charter is usually left to the Captain, as he is already holding it, and guests just need to add any amount they would like.

Last but not least, appoint a quality broker. Pick a well-established company, with an extensive network and 24/7 service. WLY team builds on our 23-plus year history by collaborating to deliver the highest quality of charter experience. This is a service-driven industry so this choice is crucial!

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