The Mediterranean is the perfect destination for your Spring Holiday. The landscape is beginning to wake up with the color, songs, and scents of nature.

The waters around the different islands and bays are starting to warm up enough for a spot of swimming and diving.

Mediterranean Sea Popular Holiday Destination for Spring

The major cities across ItalySpainGreece, and so many more countries are beginning to liven up with new events and exhibitions.

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy a break in a top Mediterranean destination. Here are five reasons why you should say yes to a Mediterranean vacation in spring.

1 – Perfect sailing condition

The waters of Italy and the broader island of the Mediterranean are perfect for a spring yacht charter.


One way to enjoy the scenery and weather of the Mediterranean in spring is to see the region by boat.

There are some excellent luxury yacht charter destinations in Italy and beyond.

You can hop between ports and beaches along the coastline, sample the best food and drink, and watch perfect sunrises from the deck.

There are also plenty of luxury marinas dotted around the Mediterranean with great amenities.

2- Peaceful Spring Break

Many of these destinations are open to all guests that want to enjoy a peaceful spring break.

The great thing about the Mediterranean is that anyone can come here at any time of year and have the chance to relax and be themselves.

Mediterranean- gay travel

There are many cities and major destinations in the regions that are open to being as diverse as possible.

Some visitors may be surprised at the number of gay-friendly destinations in Italy, for example. Rome is evolving with more clubs and bars. 

Milan has a dedicated film festival. But, the most gay-friendly resorts are in Torre del Lago.

3- Relaxing springtime honeymoon

There is no better place for a relaxing springtime honeymoon. Whatever your sexuality, the Mediterranean has lots of brilliant destinations for a springtime honeymoon.

Venice travel_luxury yacht charter

If you and your partner need a city break for a little culture and exploration, there are plenty of cities that fit the bill.

City destinations for honeymoon in Italy range from the vibrancy of Rome and Florence to the romance of Venice.

Smaller islands across the Med offer the chance to unwind by the beach and sample some of the best cuisines in the world.

4- Diving opportunities

Divers will also find plenty of destinations to explore. The waters in the Mediterranean in spring still offer plenty of diving opportunities.

Some travelers may not think about heading to any Mediterranean diving spots in spring.


Summer is the peak time in many places when all the dive shops are open, the water is warm, and all the best wildlife appears.

However, excellent diving isn’t just about the turtles, sharks, and tropical summer visitors. These islands are home to some great residents and lots of exciting wrecks to explore.

That is why you should travel to the Cote d’Azur in France, which is home to hundreds of wartime wrecks.

5- Indulge in Luxury Resort

It may be off-season in some places, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge yourself.

Springtime in the Mediterranean does mean that there is a different atmosphere during the summer season.

yacht charter italy

Some resorts and hotels will see this as the off-peak season.

But, the Med is still one of the best places to visit in March and April.

There may not be a much choice, or as many hot, sunny days, but the cities, ports, and beaches are still beautiful and vibrant.

It is still possible to have a luxury experience – whether that means exploring the region on a luxury yacht, staying in a city hotel, or trying a different type of resort.

Don’t assume that your options are limited if you want to book a getaway or honeymoon in the Mediterranean in spring.

You can still enjoy the culture of these beautiful countries, sample the same food, and explore the same landscape.

Also, you get to do so when the weather isn’t uncomfortably hot, and the beaches aren’t too crowded.

A Mediterranean holiday in spring is always a win-win.